7 Ways to Use a Trailer for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 29, 2016

Trailer for New Years Resolutions

The New Year offers a fresh start and a chance to make a New Year’s resolution. These resolutions are aimed at improving your life in different areas. Committing to these goals is hard enough! Don’t make completing these tasks harder than they need to be. Trailer rentals offer affordable day rates and provide a reliable tow home. Make sure to use tie downs and furniture pads to keep your load safe. Here are seven ways a trailer can help you complete these common New Year’s resolutions.

PRO TIP: Invest in a hitch so you can DIY it up in 2017!

Resolution #1: Exercise More

Many people choose to have exercise equipment at home because they do not have time to get to the gym. You can find great deals for used exercise equipment on Craigslist. Haul your equipment home in a trailer. We know you are trying to get active, but we do not recommend rolling the trailer home yourself. Use your vehicle with a custom hitch!

Resolution #2: Live Clutter-Free

Has your two-car garage turned into a storage center? Some people resolve to become a minimalist and others just resolve to clear some space in their home. Whatever your reason, use a trailer to haul items to a storage unit or to a donation center.

trailer for home reno

Resolution #3: Home Renovations

Home renovations are exciting! With as many hours as you spend in your home, it is nice to give it a facelift when needed. Use a trailer for the below tasks related to home improvement.

  • Moving furniture, home decor or items that were in cupboards or drawers to storage
  • Picking up DIY tools and materials
  • Hauling new furniture or decor to your home
  • Bringing items back home from storage once the renovation is complete

Resolution #4: Travel More

Traveling is a great way to relax and enjoy some adventure. It is great to see the whole world, but who doesn’t like exploring their own backyard a bit? Use a trailer to carry items that do not fit in your car.  Below are what we suggest you haul in the trailer.

  • Luggage
  • Sports equipment (Skis, snowboards, ATV, etc.)
  • Camping equipment
  • Groceries for your trip
  • Propane for heaters or a grill

trailer for gardeningResolution #5: Get the Yard Ready to Garden

The best time to plant your new flowers or your vegetable garden is right after the last frost.  Get your yard ready now so you can easily plant the garden at the right time.  Use a utility trailer to transport the below items.

  • Wood chips or rock for sparse sections
  • Fresh soil for the garden area
  • Fertilizer or new grass
  • New plants after the last frost of the year

Resolution #6: Give Back More

Giving back always feels good and helps your community. A community toy, food or clothing drive is a lot easier with a trailer! Plan to host any of these drives after the neighborhood garage sale and rent a trailer for the day to get all the donations to the charity of your choice.

fresh start with a trailer

Resolution #7: Fresh Start

Sometimes you just need to start over for the new year.  If you are ready to pack up your things and move on, a trailer works perfectly for that too!  Cargo trailers are perfect for smaller moves.  Rent one and move to a brand-new city, state, neighborhood or home and start over.

Resolving to change is the first step!  Be proud of your commitment and move forward with the plan.  Hopefully renting a trailer makes taking action easier on you.  We wish you a happy New Year and much success in the new year!


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