Products for the Ultimate Safe Towing Experience

Feb 13, 2017

On the road, safety is a top priority. This is possibly even truer when towing equipment, such as a trailer, automobile, RV or boat. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, you want to ensure that the equipment you are transporting remains in perfect condition and that you, any other passengers and anyone else on the road are completely safe as well. This means having full vision and awareness of your surroundings, anti-theft security features, and many other preventative items. Here are some products to help provide you with the ultimate safe towing experience:

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing Experience

Towing Mirror

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing ExperienceWhen towing, it is often helpful to be able to see all angles of your vehicle and the items you are towing. Add another vantage point for yourself by attaching a towing mirror to your vehicle’s door, fender or side mirrors. All of these towing mirror options are easily installed without the use of tools and are easily adjustable. With a towing mirror, you can rest assured that nothing will end up in your blind spots as you travel. Mirrors are designed to fit the majority of vehicles while maintaining aerodynamics. Depending on personal preference and your vehicle’s shape or size, different mirrors may be more ideal for you. Find the perfect towing mirror to suit your safe towing needs here.

  • Extend vision further
  • Allow drivers to see in their towing blind spots
  • Designed to maintain vehicle aerodynamics for a vibration free ride
  • Easy to quickly connect to a vehicle

Backup Camera

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing ExperienceWhile the towing mirror ensures that you can fully see your blind spots and sides of your towing equipment, this Digital Wireless Hitch/Backup Camera ensures that anything going on behind your hitch or towing equipment is clear. The camera has a magnetic base to quickly and easily install to the back of your vehicle or trailer. Users can use to view their hitch to make sure that the trailer is secure or to view behind your towing equipment to see other drivers behind you. The camera is completely wireless. All you need to do is make sure you have your batteries, the camera is connected where desired and your screen is connected to your dash outlet.

  • Wireless – Plug and play system
  • Waterproof camera
  • Battery powered
  • Magnetic base
  • Up to 70 ft. of viewing range
  • Infrared night vision range up to 30 ft.
  • 120-degree camera view
  • 3.5″ color LCD monitor

Coupler Lock

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing ExperienceWe all like to believe that no one would try to steal or damage our belongings, but unfortunately, it’s often better to prepare for the worst-case scenario. These variations of coupler locks will all help to prevent theft of your trailer and other hitch pieces by adding an extra layer of security. Now when you need to stop in an unfamiliar town during your road trip you will have a little added peace of mind knowing that your trailer, RV or other hitch connected belongings are not getting away from you. Moreover, you can be sure that your trailer stays connected to your coupler. Find the coupler lock to match your hitch and ball mount requirements here for the ultimate safe towing experience.

  • Locks your coupler to secure equipment when towing and when stopped
  • Prevent trailer and equipment theft
  • Add peace of mind that equipment will not get detached when towing
  • Easy to quickly connect to coupler

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing Experience

Sway Control

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing ExperienceWhen installing a hitch with U-Haul, your trailer hitch will already have weight distribution features to diminish the potential for sway and provide a smoother ride when towing. For added security, especially when towing larger, heavier pieces of equipment, a Sway Control is available to mount onto your hitch. This product will add to your safe towing experience by minimizing trailer sway caused by intense weather conditions, winding roads or sudden driving maneuvers. Now you can be prepared to take on the roads with even the heaviest of winds and curviest of roads without a second thought.

  • Mounts to weight distribution hitch
  • Minimize trailer sway
  • Provide safer towing for high winds, curving roads or sudden maneuvers

Brake Control

Products for the Ultimate for Safe Towing ExperienceWhen towing a trailer, RV or other equipment, you want your stops to be as smooth as possible. To ensure that when your vehicle starts to slow down, so does the gear you’re towing, brake controls can be added on. Brake controls work with any trailer with 2 – 8 electrical brakes or 1 – 4 axles. This tool is not only beneficial when on the road slowing or making stops, but will also keep proportionate braking when backing up your trailer. This safe towing tool is compatible with electric systems, including anti-lock brakes and cruise control features. When towing, you will also be provided with a visual representation of the exact power percentage applied to the trailer brakes when braking your vehicle.

  • Connects trailer brakes to your vehicle’s brakes
  • Ensures smooth, proportionate deceleration and stops
  • Makes braking in reverse easier for backing up
  • Digitally displays the exact percentage of power applied to trailer brakes

Each of these products connects to a different part of your hitch or vehicle. Therefore, they can all be used alone or in conjunction with one another for the ultimate safe towing experience.

What your favorite safe towing product? Share in the comments!


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