Wine Lovers Guide to Wine Storage

Storage for Your Wine

Wine storage may sound like something only the rich and famous need, but the truth is that many people and businesses could benefit from storing their wine in a storage unit made to store wine. Storing your wine in the right conditions is very important to ensure the bottle ages well. Everything from the temperature you store the wine at to the orientation of the bottle can have an effect on the aging process for a bottle of fine wine. Sometimes even the most avid wine collectors may not have space or the proper conditions to safely store their wine. Learn who could use wine storage and some of the features that are important when considering where to store your wine.

Who Would Benefit from Wine Storage?

  • Collector with too many bottles to keep at home
  • Wine lover who has nowhere safe to store her bottles
  • Wine lover living in the city with limited storage in her home
  • Restaurant or bar owner with extra cases or inventory overflow

Storage Size Options

U-Haul offers many different sized wine storage units. With wine storage units ranging in size, they make great options for a couple of special bottles or cases of wine. Even the smaller units hold up to 100 bottles of wine.  For less than the cost of an average bottle of wine, you could store your wine and get your space back.


Store your wine in a dark space, out of direct sunlight.  Wine faults occur as a consequence of storage in direct sunlight. White wines are most at risk, but all wine does better stored in dark places. Therefore, storing your wine in a storage unit made to store wine will keep the sunlight out and allow the wine to age properly.

Storage for your wine.


The best temperature to store wine is between 50 and 60 degrees.  U-Haul offers climate-controlled wine storage.  The climate is set at exactly that temperature to ensure the wine is safe! Best yet, your wine is ready to drink at home!

Bottle Orientation

Most wines do well stored on their side so the cork stays moist. Most wine racks are built to slide the wine in horizontally for this purpose. On the other hand, sparkling wine or Champagne should be stored vertically or upright. For this reason, finding wine storage that offers options for both is ideal.  U-Haul utilizes metal removable shelving, allowing the wine to be stored either way.


U-Haul takes security seriously at its storage facilities. Most facilities are gated with 24 hours of monitored surveillance. In addition, security for wine storage is also taken seriously. Most wine storage locations store the wine in the office so the management team is able to monitor it. It also requires a key card or code to enter the wine storage so that only those that store their wine have access. Wine is costly, especially for aged or special bottles.  Therefore, storing your wine in a secure facility should be a top priority.

For many wine is a drink you enjoy here and there. Most wine is drunk within 24 hours of purchase. Others love to drink wine, visit wineries and collect wine to drink on special occasions. True wine lovers understand the value of an aged bottle of fine wine and protect those bottles by storing them safely. If you love wine and do not have enough storage or a good place to store your wine, consider storing at one of the below U-Haul locations.

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