U-Box® Portable Containers for the College Mover

Mar 2, 2017

Save money by sharing a container

Hey college mover! U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Containers are giving you more options for college moving. Your schedules are busy leading up to moving in or out of college. Let’s face it, you may move every year while in college. U-Box® containers are flexible to fit your schedule and your moving needs. Portable containers can be used to either store your items, ship your items or do both. Below are some reasons U-Box® portable containers could be perfect for your college move.

7 Reasons U-Box® Containers are Perfect for College Students

1. Travel Freely:
You can ship your items home or to a new job when you graduate. This allows you to travel freely to your new location by plane, train or automobile!

2. No Driving:
No need to drive a moving truck or tow a trailer when moving to or from school. Although those options are safe and reliable, not everyone is able or willing to make the trek. U-Box® containers do the driving for you.

3. Store Your Items:
Don’t move your things at all! Store your items over the break. The best part is U-Box® containers have so many options you can even have the container delivered and picked back up when you have packed your dorm room.

4. Don’t Worry Abroad:
No stress when you study abroad. U-Box® portable containers can store your items safely while you are abroad. Keep your things safe and travel light.

5. Follow the Rules:
Most colleges have strict loading and unloading rules during move-in or move-out. U-Box® portable containers have a special trailer that fits in most standard parking spaces. This makes moving in or out of college easy!

6. Loading Help:
Get a lending hand with your move by adding MovingHelp® to your U-Box® container order. MovingHelp® will help you load the container. The help is so good it will feel like your dad is there even if your school is far away from home.

7. Cost Effective:
If you are moving a long-distance, a U-Box® portable container is usually comparable to the cost of a moving truck.

MovingHelp can help a College mover

College Money Saving Tips

Books, tuition and spring break can all be expensive! Below are some ways to make the most of your U-Box® portable container rental.

  • Most college students only need one container because they fit a room and a half of personal belongings.
  • There is no down payment or deposit needed to reserve a U-Box® portable container. Reserve now and take time to save and budget.
  • Save money by sharing a container with a roommate or someone traveling to the same area.
  • Load and unload at a Neighborhood U-Haul Location for free. Only pay for the storage and/or shipping of the container to the final destination.
  • Budget knowing that you will not pay for everything at once. You pay for monthly rent and initial delivery when you receive the container. You do not pay for the shipping until your container is in transit. Delivery at your destination is charged the day of delivery.

Basically, if you are looking for a flexible, convenient and secure college move, U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Containers may be perfect for you. To see all of the college moving options U-Haul offers to visit uhaul.com/collegemoving. Best of luck on your new adventures whether you are just starting college, moving from a dorm to an apartment or moving on to a new job!
Have you used portable moving and storage containers before? What worked well? Share in the comments!


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