How to Transport Your Kayak or Canoe

As the weather warms up, nothing beats getting outside and on the water. Kayaking and canoeing are two of my favorite outdoor activities. After all, what beats the tranquil feeling of floating on the open water? As opposed to renting the necessary boating equipment each time you visit your favorite lake or bay destination, you can easily transport your kayak or canoe with you anywhere. Here’s how:

How to Transport Your Kayak or Canoe

How to Transport Your Kayak

The most important piece in transporting your kayak with you is having the right equipment. The Swagman Contour Roof Mounted Kayak Rack is the perfect tool for the job. This kayak carrier has padding on the underside and on top of the brackets, stern and bow tie-downs to prevent it from shifting as you travel. Having cushioning also protects your kayak from any bumps and bruises along the ride. 

My favorite feature of this kayak rack is that it transports kayaks vertically in a j-style. With this, equipping your kayak is easy to do from either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. Additionally, it means that it leaves space on your roof rack, allowing for the use of a bike rack or cargo carrier. Connecting to your roof rack also leaves space on your hitch to tow a camper or carry additional equipment. After all, your outdoor adventure isn’t complete without a range of activities.

Installation of your Swagman Contour Roof Mounted Kayak Rack is easy as it comes pre-assembled. Simply connect the two pieces of the kayak carrier to your roof rack with the lowest part of the “J” shape facing you. You can do this from either side of your vehicle. Then, use the tie-down straps and rope to ensure your kayak remains locked into your vehicle. Installation doesn’t require any tools so you can quickly install your rack and transport your kayak to your favorite destination.

  • Universal mounts fit round, square, arrow, oval, and factory installed crossbars
  • The design allows for the use of multiple roofs mounted accessories
  • Easy installation- no tools required
  • Tie downs included
  • Durable, steel construction
  • Coated in black powdered coat painting to prevent rust and corrosion

How to Transport Your Kayak or Canoe

How to Transport Your Canoe

Do you prefer the seating position and single bladed paddle of a canoe over a kayak? Then the Universal One-Man Canoe Loader is your tool to get the job done. This canoe loader allows you to transport your canoe with just about any vehicle, ranging from a small compact car to a large SUV. Moreover, installation is complete in under 5 minutes! This tool mounts to your receiver hitch and with the use of the included adapter bracket can be installed to still allow towing a trailer or camper alongside it.

The best thing about the Universal One-Man Canoe Loader is that it can be used for additional, non-canoeing related activities. This canoe loader is the perfect way to more easily transport a ladder or lumber for your DIY home project. Whether you’re using it for a canoe or for every-day equipment, the canoe loader allows the task at hand to be completed faster, more efficiently and in a way that will keep your vehicle safe from damage.

Installation of your Universal One-Man Canoe Loader is easy. The canoe loader attaches to your receiver hitch providing more complete support while the canoe rests on your vehicle’s roof rack. For complete step-by-step instructions, click here.

    • One-person operation
    • Usable while towing a trailer
    • Includes convenient, heavy-duty storage bag
    • Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Easy and convenient to use
    • Durable, steel construction
  • Weather resistant finish

How to Transport Your Kayak or Canoe

Where are you planning to transport your kayak or canoe? Share your upcoming adventure in the comments!