Eleven Reasons To Use A Trailer for Your College Move

Mar 15, 2017

move to college

You have many options when moving in or out of college. It is a busy time of year for students and moving may be the last thing on your mind. Some students even avoid the whole process by giving all their things away. Let me assure you, that is not necessary! Moving during college is very easy with a trailer. It is safe to tow, even with small cars. Below are the reasons you should choose to use a trailer for your college moves.

1. Safety First

Towing a trailer is very safe! U-Haul will only rent you a trailer that your car is capable of towing! Remember to use the 60/40 loading guidelines and tie-downs for the safest tow.

2. Availability

It is easy to procrastinate planning your move during college. Typically, students are focused on finals or other important things at moving time. If you are a last-minute planner, a trailer is typically more available, especially since trucks tend to be scheduled earlier.

3. Hitch + You = Infinite Possibilities

In order to tow a trailer, you need to have a hitch installed on your vehicle. U-Haul sells and installs hitches that are custom designed for your vehicle. You may be thinking, “how often will I move?” In college, you may move every year or even more often if things do not go as planned. In addition to moving a hitch can help you attach a bike rack and haul all of your bikes to an out of town bike trail. It can also help you tow needed items for a DIY project or pick up a cool piece of furniture bought at a garage sale or on Craigslist. Basically, your hitch can become BAE!

4. Comfort

When you rent a trailer to move you are able to travel in the comfort of your own car. You can sit in your own comfortable seats with all your preferences set the way you like them.

5. Listen to your Own Music

Using your own car to tow your belongings also means you are able to listen to your own music. Use your Bluetooth or AUX cord to happily listen to your own music along the way. When traveling a long distance, a great playlist is crucial!

6. Plenty of Room

Many underestimate the size of a U-Haul trailer. A trailer can actually fit more than you would think. Most find that cargo trailers work great for college or small moves. U-Haul cargo trailers come in three popular sizes, 4’x8’, 5’x8″ and 6’x12’. Find the size that will fit your belongings here.

7. Stands the Test of Time

U-Haul trailers have been around for over 70 years and the idea for a one-way trailer rental was created for moves just like the ones made in college. The need for a one-way trailer rental has not gone away and if anything has only grown.

Trailer for College
8. Easy to Load

U-Haul trailers offer the lowest deck in the industry, making them very easy to load. They are also equipped with rub rails and heavy-duty B-rings, making it easy to tie down your belongings for a safe tow.

9. Eat on the Go

Most of the time when driving long distances, dinner consists of drive-thrus and quick stops. The average overhead clearance for most drive-thrus is 9ft. The tallest U-Haul cargo trailer is 6’6” tall. So, if your car can make it under the overhead clearance you are golden! This makes it easy to continue on your move!

10. Keep Your Things with You

Never worry about your items! They are with you on the move. You never have to wonder when they arrive or if they arrive safely because your items are literally right behind you.

And the most exciting reason to use a trailer for a college move is:

11. More Money for Pizza or Books

Moving with a trailer is the most economical way to move. You never have to pay for mileage when you rent a trailer and the cost is very affordable whether you rent a one-way or an in-town trailer. In college, every penny counts! Save your money to use towards your books or more pizza for those late-night study sessions.

U-Haul offers many sizes to accommodate your college moves. College is an important time. Make your move easier with a trailer rental!

Have you used a trailer to move while in college? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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