Seven Ways to Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Secure

Security for your self-storage

Keeping your self-storage unit secure is important because it holds your belongings. The decision to get self-storage typically comes after you have asked, “do I really need these things?” Your answer was yes. Whether sentimental or monetary, a value is placed on these belongings once you decide to keep them. Items are stored in the short-term in between moves or in the long-term when you don’t have space. Either way, you don’t want them damaged! Do these seven things to keep your self-storage unit secure and your items protected.

1. Find a Secure Self-Storage Facility

Security starts at the front door, or in the case of a self-storage facility, a gated perimeter! Look for a facility that includes security features like a gated perimeter, keypad access, well-lit property, individually alarmed rooms and video surveillance. These things help deter people from breaking in. If something does happen, the video surveillance makes it possible to identify who did the damage.

2. Move Your Items Safely

Be careful moving your things in and out of your self-storage unit. You do not want to damage a piece of furniture or drop a box trying to get your things in to a safe location. U-Haul Self-Storage facilities offer carts to use free of charge. Use the flat carts to load boxes and easily wheel them in to your location space. Mattress style carts also help move mattresses or framed pictures. If you are moving heavy items, consider scheduling Moving Help® to move your items in or out. They are professionals and can easily unload your items from your car or rental equipment and then load them into your self-storage unit.

3. Arrange Your Items with Care

Make sure to place the heaviest boxes and items on the floor. Stack lighter items and boxes on top of the heavier things. This helps build a strong foundation for your belongings and keeps heavy items from falling over. Mark boxes with fragile items clearly and place those at the top so nothing heavy crushes them. Another great feature of U-Haul Self-Storage is that you have access to your things when you need to get to them. To take advantage of this feature, make sure you leave a walkway in your storage unit so you can get to your items. Place items you think you will need more often at the front of the unit for easy access.

4. Get Insurance

Insurance protects your items from many things like fire, burglary and hurricanes. SafeStor is offered at U-Haul Self-Storage facilities and offers the broadest coverage at the lowest premiums. Insurance coverage offers peace of mind, knowing your items will be replaced if damaged. SafeStor even allows you to pay for your insurance with your monthly storage payment.

Gated Perimeter

5. Protect Your Items

Wrapping your items in plastic wrap or keeping them in plastic bags allows moisture in and can damage your items by causing mold or mildew. Use furniture pads to protect your furniture and other belongings instead. Another great way to protect your items is to store them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. This keeps your records, documents, candles and other heat-sensitive items safe.

6. What Not to Store

Do not store food, drinks or plants. These types of items attract bugs and rodents. No one wants to deal with critters in their storage unit. Storing flammable items in your self-storage is dangerous and prohibited. Keep fuel, flammable paints, weapons or aerosols out of your storage unit.

7. Lock Down

Keep your self-storage unit on lock down. Use a padlock to lock your self-storage unit every time you leave. You should also not give your key or gate code to anyone. Your items are not covered under insurance without a locked unit. Using a padlock is the easiest way to ensure your items are secure in your self-storage unit.

Keeping your items safe is important even when they are in your home. Housing your items at a secure self-storage facility is the first step to keeping your things secure when they are not in your home. A gated perimeter, individually alarmed rooms or a secure way to enter the facility help to keep your things from harm. Everything from moving your belongings in, to how you store them in the unit affect the security of your items. Using these tips will give you peace of mind that you have done everything you can to protect your belongings.