How-To Make Your College Playlist

Listening to college playlist

Moving to college can be an exciting time. Whether it is your first year moving into a dorm or your third year into a house with some friends heading back to college makes you think of the possibilities and fun you’re going to have. With all of these happy thoughts running around in your head, why not jam out to some music while getting settled into your new place. We created a college playlist for you to listen to on your move-in day. Whether unloading your moving truck or waiting for your Collegeboxes to arrive, we’ve got the beats for you. If you want to make your own, here are 5 things to consider when making a playlist.

1. Length of Your Trip

It is important to map out how long it’s going to take to drive to your school so that you can plan your playlist accordingly. You also have to consider downtime as if you’re going to be stuck in traffic or when you’re waiting for your Collegeboxes to arrive. For example, the playlist we have created for you is an hour and sixteen minutes long so it would be good for someone going to a college closer to home. If you needed to travel to a school that’s two or three hours away, then you would need to add more songs to make it the entire trip. When hanging out with friends at your place, make a playlist that’s three or four hours long so that you and your guests aren’t getting bored with the songs or hearing repeats.

2. Tempo

Another important factor is the tempo of the songs that you choose. You want to have songs that are generally upbeat and get you excited about moving in. For example, from our list, you have songs like “I’m Ready” by AJR and “Feels” by Calvin Harris that make you want to get up and move. You wouldn’t want to have slow or romantic songs that wouldn’t hype you up about moving into college. Romantic songs are good if you make a playlist for your significant other. If you were to make a playlist for working out, you would want songs that get you motivated and make you want to workout hard.

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3. Mood

When moving into the college you want to have songs that relate to new starts or having a good time. You don’t want to have songs in your playlist that would relate to breaking up with someone or a cold rainy day. In our playlist, we have songs like “Know No Better” by Major Lazer and “Hey Ya!” by OutKast. These put you in a good mood and you can also play them when you’re hanging out with your friends. If you were looking to make a playlist for when you’re reading a book or relaxing you might choose slower songs or ones that talk about relaxing.

4. Catchy / Recognizable Songs

You want to choose songs that you won’t get bored of easily. If you’re on edge about a song when making the playlist, nine times out of ten you’re not going to want to add it. After the first couple times of hearing it on the playlist, you’ll want to skip it. You want to have a good list of songs that you really enjoy and feel like you could listen to three or four times and won’t feel like you need to skip it.

5. Time Period

You want to have songs that are trending and hot right now. Even though it is important to have new trendy songs, having the occasional throwback song is always nice as well. Throwing in a classic or two can bring back memories of the first time you heard it and can get you excited about the future. For example, one of the songs in our playlist, “Going Away to College” by Blink-182 is a great throwback song. The name fits so well with moving into college. If you were to make a playlist for a pool party or a Greek life get together then you have more freedom to throw in more throwback songs. Everyone loves a good throwback at longer events.

Follow these steps and you’ll become the DJ of your friends in no time. Have a great school year and don’t forget to order your Collegeboxes to make your move-in day easier on you.

What song would you add to this college playlist? Let us know below.