U-Box Containers: Make a City Move Easier

Moving to the city can be a very exciting journey; there is so much to do there! There are plenty of options for quick bites during the day, some of the best restaurants to eat at in the evening, and exciting spots to hang out on the weekends. You probably already have a vision of what you want your new life to look like, but first, you need to get all your stuff there. Whether you’re moving from a suburban area to a big city, or from one big city to another big city, a city move will require special arrangements. For an easy and convenient city move, U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Containers are a great solution.

What are U-Box® Portable Moving & Storage Containers?

U-Box® containers are all about convenience, flexibility, and security. Have your container delivered to your home and add Moving Help® to your order to have it packed for you. Once you’re all packed and ready to go, U-Haul will ship your U-Box® container to your new home.  After completing your move, you may keep your container for as long as you need, and for as long as you want for storage purposes. Rest assured your belongings will be safe as our containers are secured with your lock and key.

Big Cities with Small Spaces

You’ve probably already gotten used to the idea that your new place in the big city will be small, but in big cities, everything else is also reduced in size. From narrow streets to steep hills, to alleys, driving a truck in this situation is not for everyone.

We’ll ship to your door!

There’s no need to try to fit as much as possible in a small truck or take several trips to transport all of your belongings during your city move. Our compact containers fit approximately a room and a half of household items and securely hold up to 2000 pounds. When renting a U-Box® container, the only thing you should worry about is providing us with your new address and drop-off date, and we’ll ship it to your door!

Big Cities with Small Living Spaces

Most of the time, moving to a big city requires moving to a smaller space, or sharing a space with a roommate. Many assume that the wisest thing to do would be to sell, give away, or donate stuff you don’t need (aka stuff you won’t be able to fit in your new place). Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds since some items might have sentimental value or could be used somewhere else in the future. In addition, seasonal clothing needs a place to vacation during its off time.

Store it after the move!

If you’re moving to a place for an indefinite amount of time where space could be an issue, there’s no need to get rid of your belongings. Some of your stuff might not be used in that location, but it could be used later somewhere else. In the meantime, possessions such as sentimental items or seasonal clothing could be easily stored in a U-Box® portable container at one of our secure facilities.


Traffic in big cities is anticipated and can make moving in or out take longer than expected. In places like these, public transportation is the most convenient option for locals. Many even leave their car behind at their previous place of residence. Even if you are able to drive your car or a truck on moving day, there’s a high possibility of being stuck in traffic for a while. During certain times of the day, some areas might even be blocked because of traffic.

We’ll take care of it.

Don’t let traffic decide when to move. Avoid this problem altogether by not driving with your belongings. No matter the time of the day or amount of traffic, your container will be shipped whenever is most convenient for you. You can rest assured that our specially designed trailers with gentle ride suspension will carefully transport your U-Box® container(s) around the city.

Loading & Unloading

Let’s say you successfully overcame traffic, hills, and narrow streets—now it’s time to unload!  If you are moving into an apartment building with several floors and no elevators—which is very common in big cities—unloading your belongings yourself might be more difficult.

Make your city move stress-free!

In this case, the most convenient option would be delivering a U-Box® portable container with Moving Help® to your new home.  Our Moving Help® team can unload or load your belongings, and take them up and downstairs for you.


As you may know, contrary to moving to a spacious neighborhood in a small town, it might be a challenge to find an available parking spot for your vehicle in big cities, and let’s not even talk about trying to parallel park a truck!

U-Box® containers are compact!

Because of the compact size of U-Box® portable containers, they conveniently fit in standard-sized parking spots.  Our containers provide you with the convenience of fitting as much as you would be able to fit in a truck.

Make your city move a breeze! U-Box® Portable Storage Containers provide you with the ability to do so with convenient and flexible options. We will deliver your container to your home before your move, pick it up after your move, and even store it in our secure facility if you want us to—that’s city moving at its easiest!

What has been helpful to you during a city move? Please share below!

Photo: “Lower Manhattan” by Marley White