How to Declutter Your Home With a U-Box® Container

Jun 14, 2018

Do you have any unused items lying around at your home that crowd your living space? The furniture you are not ready to part with? The solution is simple – U-Box® containers to declutter your home and make storage of these items convenient, flexible and secure.

declutter your home

What is a U-Box® container?

U-Box® containers are made of pressure treated 3/4″ plywood, providing you with a stable and chemical free environment to store up to a room and half of your items in a single box. These boxes come with a durable, weather resistant cover to protect your belongings.

There are 3 delivery options for U-Box® containers:

  • We deliver
    • This allows you to pack at your own pace
  •  Self-Delivery
    • Pick up your U-Box® container with our specially designed trailer
  • Access at a U-Haul location
    • Bring your belongings to a U-Haul location where you can pack them yourself

No matter what delivery method you choose, you can store the U-Box® container at a neighborhood U-Haul location or ship it anywhere in the world!

Common spaces to declutter

  • Attic or Basement – One can find a lot of junk, trash and clutter, clothes and dust bunnies here which makes it hard to get this space under control. Things that can go into a U- Box® container from an attic are:
    • Outgrown baby or children’s items
    • Out of season clothing
    • declutter your homeHeirlooms
    • Holiday decorations
  • Garage – This place should shelter a car, but often ends up being filled with stuff you just don’t need every day. One might have to make tough decisions when trying to declutter their garage. Things that can go into a U- Box® container from a garage are:
    • Old childhood items
    • Outdated appliances
    • Bikes and tires
    • Unused fitness equipment
  • Spare Room – If you have a spare room that is cluttered, now is the time to easily arrange. Things that can go into a U- Box® container from a spare room are:
    • Childhood art projects
    • Grandma’s old rocking chair
    • Other miscellaneous items

Declutter your home with U-Box® containers

It is common to avoid the task of organizing the cluttered spaces you have in your home. Good news, there is a convenient and easy way to store all these items that you are not ready to let go of. The U-Box® container is the perfect solution!

You can use the STAR technique to easily declutter your home using a U-Box® container:

  • SORT – The first and foremost step is to decide what to keep, what to store, and what to discard. Once you make this decision then organizing is simple.
  • TAKE – Once you have decided the items you plan to store, load them into the U-Box® container.
  • ARRANGE – Place your items in the U-Box® container in a systematic manner arranging all the heavy items in the center and then stacking lighter items on top. Next, latch the container and secure with a lock.
  • RECORD – You should keep a record of the belongings you put inside the U-Box® container for the ease of finding them next time.

Check out this video to learn more about U-Box containers:

NOTE: Do not use the U-Box® containers to store items that will be used frequently or any items that are hazardous such as explosives, flammables, or toxic materials.

For more details or to request a quote give us a call at 1-800-GO-UHAUL or visit


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