Are Wardrobe Boxes Right for Your Move?

Nov 1, 2018

Have you ever thrown all your clothes into trash bags at the last minute during your move? Yep, we’ve all been there…done that. You also probably relate to the struggle of unpacking trash bags and finding your clothes so wrinkled that you have to throw them in the dryer before setting up your new closet space. Our wardrobe boxes are the cure to the struggle of folding and unfolding your clothing. Equipped with a metal hanging bar, you simply take the hanging item out of your closet and place it on the hanging bar in the wardrobe boxes. Now that’s how we make moving easier!

The Right Size Wardrobe BoxWardrobe Box

Our wardrobe boxes are intended to make moving stored clothing and miscellaneous bulky items easier. Because nothing is really “one size fits all,” our wardrobe boxes come in various sizes.

The Large Wardrobe Box is ideal for your longer clothing like formal gowns, suits or long jackets. The Medium Wardrobe Box is ideal for dresses, sports gear, chairs, and other small items, while the Small Wardrobe Box is a great way to pack your shorter clothing, such as shirts, shorts, sports coats, pants, blouses and more. The beauty of these boxes is that you can keep all of your items on hangers.

The large, medium and small wardrobe boxes include the following:

  • Hold up to 2’ of closet space
  • Meet UPS shipping requirements
  • Include a wardrobe bar (Large and Medium Boxes hold up to 150 lbs.; Small Box holds up to 80 lbs.)
  • Come in banded option for easy transportation in vehicles

Pro tip: Our Small, Medium and Large wardrobe boxes are banded for easy transport and the best bang for your buck in the industry!

Other Uses for Wardrobe Boxes

Want to store things out of sight under your bed? The Laydown Wardrobe box is the way to go! From clothes to holiday decorations, this wardrobe box is your storage solution.

Learn more about the U-Haul Laydown Wardrobe box here:

Looking for a box that can store a lot but fit into a small space? The solution is the Space Saver Wardrobe box! This wardrobe box is tall and narrow making it ideal for longer clothing like dresses, pants, and suits but can also fit tall items like dining room chairs, sporting equipment, etc., with a weight limit of 100lbs.

Learn more about the Space Saver Wardrobe box here:

As your moving and storage experts, we aim to provide you with the products and services to make the process easier. Our wardrobe boxes make packing easier and unpacking faster and more efficient. Be sure to follow our pro tips for an organized and stress-free move.

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