How to Pack Glasses for Moving Day

Not a packing pro? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Many of us have expensive or special tableware in our kitchen that we’d like to preserve during the moving process. From daily use glasses to fine china, here are some tips on how to pack glasses like a pro:

Step 1: Get the Right Kit

Glass Pack Kit

Looking for an easy glass pack kit that does it all? Designed to separate, isolate, and protect a variety of glassware, crystal, stemware, and porcelain, this kit is foolproof. It also includes:

  • Glass pack box with easy-to-lift handles
  • 18 reusable foam pouches
  • 7-piece cell-divider unit

Just put your glasses into the foam pouches and then insert them into the box. It’s as simple as that.

How to Pack Glasses

Dish Saver Kit

Similar to learning how to pack glasses, your delicate china is just as important to keep safe during your move. You’re in luck; we have a kit for that too. The Dish Saver Kit is just as it sounds: everything you need to save your dishes and other fragile items like picture frames, collectibles, and seasonal decorations. It includes:

  • 32 reusable foam pouches
  • 5-piece cell divider unit designed to separate
  • An easy-to-lift box with handles to isolate and protect

This kit is easy to use. Simply set up the cells in the box, place your glasses or delicate china into the foam pouches provided and place the glasses into the box.

Step 2: Buy the Products You’ll Need

Don’t need the full kit to pack your glassware or fine china? Just purchase what you need individually. Here is a list of the products we offer to help you learn how to pack glasses and other fragile tableware to keep them safe on moving day:

Cushion Foam Pouches

Small but mighty, these pouches are the key to packing delicate items. At U-Haul, we offer these Cushion Foam Pouches in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. From wine glasses to coffee mugs, these pouches are easy to use. Simply slide the item all the way into the pouch, making sure it is completely covered, place them into the box and voila!

Packing Paper

This packing paper is acid and ink free newsprint paper that is ideal for protecting items like glasses and fine china. It can be used to simply fill open spaces in moving boxes and storage containers in order to prevent items from shifting. These even make a fun art or drawing project too!

Dish Barrel Box

The U-Haul Dish Barrel® Box is great for packing your fragile items such as glasses and fine china. It is eco-friendly and double walled to protect the items inside.

Important note: This box is to be used with a Cell Kit (sold separately) to divide the box into sections for each item to be placed into.

Cell Kit

This eco-friendly Cell Kit fits perfectly into the Dish Barrel Box to isolate and protect each item. The dividers can be arranged to accommodate a variety of item sizes.

Now that you know all about how to pack glasses and other fragile tableware, you’ll have one less thing to worry about on moving day. Whether you are looking for a full kit or just a few items to protect your tableware, we have you covered.

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