Standardized Billing for Business with U-Haul

Making purchases for your business is always exciting… until the bills roll in. We’re here to make the billing process easy and convenient for you. With a U-Haul business account, our standardized billing for business option can be one of the many ways we help take your business to the next level.

Standardized Billing

Making multiple purchases and figuring out which address to send your bills to can become a bit of a hassle. With our standardized billing option, your business will have the ability to make multiple purchases while only receiving one bill at one location of your choice. Billing has never been so easy!

Business Account Number for Purchases

Have you ever tried paying for something and realized you forgot your card? You won’t have to worry about that with our business account. In other words, we don’t require cash or card for in-store purchases. Instead, all you need when you arrive at the location is your reservation number that already has the billing information attached.

In addition, here is a list of products and services ideal for business accounts:

  • Truck fleet: trucks, vans, pickups, and trailers for deliveries and relocation services
  • A storage unit: to store items/inventory for your business
  • Moving supplies: boxes, packing paper, tape, etc. for deliveries and relocation services
  • Relocation package: trucks, trailers, towing equipment, Moving Help Providers, storage, and supplies for relocating your employee
standardized billing for business

Direct Bill vs. Credit Card on File

When setting up your business account you’ll have two different types of billing options to choose from. So, you may be wondering which option is the best fit for your business. We’ll walk you through both options.

                Direct Billing

This type of billing will allow for all employee charges to be invoiced directly to the business account. These invoices can be viewed and paid online at any time. Therefore, making billing convenient and simple.

  Credit Card on File

This type of billing will help expedite the payment process at pick up. It will allow for purchases to be made without having the credit card or cardholder present at the store. The credit card on file attached to the account can be updated or changed online at any time. This will eliminate the need to re-enter card information before making purchases each time.

 Get Started

Billing doesn’t have to be a pain when you have a U-Haul business account. You can have multiple authorized users for purchases and only one bill with our standardized billing for business option. Our business accounts are quick and easy to sign up for so why not start today? Click here to learn more.