How to Declutter Your Life

We’re all getting organized! Thanks to a recent Netflix show, we’re being encouraged to assess our belongings and find what “sparks joy.” Consequently, if it doesn’t, then it’s time to let it go! And this goes for both your home and storage unit. Here are a few tips to learn how to declutter your life.

Does it “Spark Joy”?

According to Marie Kondo and her book, “The Art of Tidying Up,” examine the object in question. If that object does nothing for you emotionally, thank it for its service and get rid of it.

However, this can be easier said than done. Having someone there to guide you in your decision can be helpful. For example, they can provide a sense of reality that you really don’t need that ceramic unicorn that sat in the back of your closet for years.

What Goes in Storage?

Sometimes what “sparks joy” still doesn’t fit in a closet or garage. For instance, maybe you’re saving that ceramic unicorn for your children or grandchildren. This is when a storage unit becomes your greatest tool to stay organized, while still decluttering your home.

That is to say, the items that go in a storage unit are the ones you know will be used again. Reusable items include:

What Goes from Storage to the Donation Bin?

However, let’s say your storage unit is full and it’s time to let go of some of those items. Certainly, you’ll need to ask yourself if you’ll actually ever use that item or items again. As a result, if the answer is, “no,” consider donating them. Especially, if they are still in good condition. Items that can easily be donated include:

  • Baby clothes/Accessories
  • Exercise/Athletic Equipment
  • Winter coats
  • Clothes
  • Bikes
  • Furniture

At the end of the day, letting go of our belongings can be easier said than done.  Deciding which items to put in storage that still “spark joy” is a successful first step in how to declutter your life.

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