Packing up an Artificial Christmas Tree

Although it brought much happiness into your home during the holidays, the time has come to try to stuff the tree back in its box until next December. This year, packing up your artificial Christmas tree will be easier if you use these tips.

Packing Up Christmas TreeStart With The Top

Taking down an artificial Christmas tree means disassembling it bit by bit:

  • Begin by taking down the smallest and highest section of the tree down, and placing it on the ground.
  • Grab a helper to push the branches upwards and towards the center of the tree making it easier to wrap.
  • Take the roll of Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap and using its handle, begin wrapping the tree section from the bottom to the top (as shown in the figure to the left).

Tackle The Larger SectionsPutting Away Christmas Tree

Now that the smallest part of the tree is wrapped, begin disassembling the rest of it:

  • As you take each section out, begin wrapping it.
  • Once you reach the wider sections of the tree,  have your helper keep the branches tightly squeezed together.
  • Start from the trunk, wrapping along up to its peak.
  • Cut the wrap from its roll once it’s bound together, and stick that end to a piece of wrap since it’s self adhesive.
  • Once all sections of the tree are wrapped, find your tree container or box to put it away. If you don’t have the original box, or if it’s damaged, consider replacing it with a Christmas Tree Storage Bag.

Taking down Christmas TreeWrap Longer Trees In One Step

If you have a tree that doesn’t require disassembling it, have your helper stand it up and pushing the branches upwards:

  • Wrap it all up at once in one swift movement from trunk to top.
  •  Voilà! Your tree has shrunk in width, making it easier to pack. This means it will actually fit in its box with plenty of space left over.  Use this extra space for Christmas decorations or lights! If you need even more space, a storage unit can serve as great area for seasonal items.

Packing up a Christmas tree has never been so easy (and the cost was under $6)! To find stretch wrap, locate your nearest U-Haul.