A Smart Lifestyle Starting with Your Smart Home

It’s no surprise that many are now moving into smart homes or making their existing homes “smart.” Smart home accessibility can give you peace of mind, as well as the convenience of having control of your home in the palm of your hand.

The simplicity of talking to your devices for everyday help, such as turning lights on and off or getting help with recipe measurements, is a luxury that more and more homeowners are opting for.

Cold, Hot, or Just Right

Smart thermostats can be used to adjust the temperature of your home without moving from your seat or disrupting your busy day. A lot of these are voice-activated and have built in Alexa’s so that you can vocally request changes for the temperature of your home. This can help you save energy from a day-to-day basis as well as help when you’ve left and forgotten to adjust your home for when no one’s there.

You’re in Charge, Not the Ghosts

Another aspect of a smart home is the ability to control light fixtures and fans throughout your home. While this can be considered more of a luxury, having the ability to dim the lights at night or turn things off easily when you have left and forgotten, helps smart homeowners maintain a green lifestyle and save electricity. All these tools are at the touch of your hand and can constantly assist with saving money.[

Who Is It?

Another aspect of smart homes are smart doorbells. Smart doorbells, like Ring, are a form of added protection for your home. A doorbell with the ability to hear, see, and speak to visitors can help better protect you as well as your home. Smart doorbells do this by giving you a visual of what’s going on at your property whether you’re home or not. An added safety bonus of a smart doorbell is its ability to keep an eye on your packages when you’re not home to grab them. Overall, this can help keep your home, your things, and you just a little bit safer.

“Alexa, Lock My Front Door”

Smart locks are also another commonality of smart homes. These door locks give you the ability to control the status of your door with the push of a button or with the sound of your voice. It is comforting to know that when you leave the house and are unsure if the door is locked, you can search through an application on your phone to double-check the safety of your home.

One Convenient Access Point

A smart interface device helps combine all of your electronic controls into one space. The same place that you can turn your lights on, is also where you can verify that your front door is locked. This interface can be across multiple devices but can also have one single location in your home to help keep your life at home uncluttered.

Taking Care of Your Smart Devices During a Move

If you’re bringing along smart devices from your old home to your new home make sure you properly pack and protect them. Use biodegradable packing peanutsbefore placing them in a box to make sure they’re secure. So be careful and keep an eye on what you pack these smart devices next to; any heavy or sharp items could do some damage.

Keeping a Green Lifestyle During Your Move

In conclusion, the added benefit to the convenience of smart home devices is that they contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. If you’d like to keep your move sustainable, U-Haul offers many different products and services to help. Choosing the right size truck or trailer helps to reduce the amount of trips and emissions and our sustainable moving supplies can help cut down on the amount of environmental waste.

Having a smart home is a convenient way to manage your home, while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. For more tips and tricks, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages!