Here’s How Your Business Can Use Self-Storage

Running a business can be a difficult task and it’s important to understand all of the elements that can help you along the way. If you’re a business with lots of equipment, inventory that changes quickly, or a planner that always has extra things, U-Haul corporate rental storage options could be the perfect fit for you and your team. 

Extra Space

For a lot of businesses, the need for extra space is important. This doesn’t always mean your company needs to move to a bigger location; sometimes a spot to hold things off-site can do the job. Many businesses use self-storage to hold their stacked up in-office items to create more space.  


A corporate self-storage unit can also help keep your business organized. Adding a storage unit to your business can help give a place to the items you don’t need daily; clearing up office or business space for more essentials! 

Common Location 

An off-site storage unit is in a common, easy-to-get-to place for all employees with access. This means that not just one person needs to be doing all of the storage runs! U-Haul storage locations are all around and you can find a convenient location near you here

Current Business Types That Use Self-Storage 

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Retail Companies 
  • Realtors or Interior Designers 
  • Landscapers or Contractors 
  • Restaurants

Many types of businesses can benefit from corporate storage, not just the ones listed. Storage is simple and if you need more space for any reason check out our U-Haul corporate storage options that make it easier for businesses to continually pay and rent.