How Long Does it Take to Paint a Room? Tips for Home Painting.

Aug 13, 2020

How long does it take to paint a room? Painting comes down to two things: How much prep work was done in advance and how long it takes your paint to dry? We’ll focus on prepping the room beforehand as this will help to speed up the painting process the most. Here are some tips for home painting that will help to do this.

Prep the Room in Advance to Save Time on How Long it takes to Paint a Room

  • Pull Furniture away from the wall and out of the way
    • Move the furniture out of smaller rooms to give you more space to paint. Using Furniture Sliders can help you to move the larger items out of the way. U-Haul offers large covers for rooms large enough to keep the furniture inside. Compared to the flimsy plastics that many paint stores sell, the covers are a sturdier option. They’re also available in different sizes so you can find the right ones for your furniture.

Pro Tip: Use Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap to hold the covers on your furniture so they don’t slip off while you paint. This is especially useful when painting the ceiling.

Remember: Never slide your frames on their faces as this will result in scratches; always hold larger frames with two hands to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the corners. 

  • Remove outlet plates (and tape over ones you can’t)
    • Take the time to place all plates and screws into a plastic bag so everything stays together. Label these if you’re working on multiple rooms at a time.
  • Lay covers on the floor
    • To keep the covers from moving, use tape or heavy objects on the corners. Alternatively, you can use Carpet Film Protector as a nonslip surface to protect the floor from paint.

Pro Tip: The Carpet Film Protector sticks to the floor and won’t get blown away when the ac kicks on.

  • Tape the room just before you open the paint
    • Some people don’t prep the room with the necessary tape before they start painting, causing them to stop painting halfway and finish taping. On the other side, some people will tape the room too soon which can increase the chances of the painter’s tape pulling color off the wall. The trick is to tape the room just before you start painting. This prep work can go quicker if you use a tool like the Tadpole Tape Cutter to help cut the tape.

Pro Tip: To prevent the paint from drying to the tape, always remove the tape immediately after you’re done painting.

Prepare For Long-term or Larger Projects: Extra Tips for Home Painting

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Room - U-Box containers portable storage

Use U-Box containers to hold furniture while you paint the room. The biggest advantage of using U-Box containers is that they allow children and pets to still roam the house without worry they may bump into furniture that’s been pulled out of the room being painted. By doing this, it also keeps you feeling less “cluttered” in the house while giving you peace of mind as you paint.

Paint has to dry between coats, meaning that depending on your design, it could take longer than a day to finish a project, so you don’t want your bed sitting in the middle of your living room while the children are trying to watch TV. Use a U-Box container when working on large home renovation projects for portable storage on your driveway. It keeps your belongings close by, which then allows you to access them if needed.

Curious how many U-Box containers you’ll need? It depends on how many rooms you’ll need to empty. Check out this video to get a clear understanding of how much can fit into just one U-Box container.

Wrap Up

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Room - Paint on wall

So how long does it take to paint a room? It all boils down to how much prep you do to a room beforehand. By following our tips for the home painting above, you can get the whole job finished in a day.

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