Things to Know About RV, Boat and Automotive Storage

Many U-Haul locations have options for storing your RV, boat, motorcycle and even your personal vehicle. Additionally, these facilities all have other features to make sure that your equipment is not only stored safely but also in the best condition to use again when you’re ready. Here are some important things to know about RV, boat, and automotive storage:Things to Know about RV, Boat and Automotive Storage

Reasons to Use RV, Boat, and Automotive Storage

There are many reasons that RV, boat or automotive storage may be the right option for you. If you’re like me and live in an apartment complex, you know that there is no way you could keep more than one vehicle, let alone something as large as an RV, at your home. For boat owners, it can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain a boat in a dock. My father kept our family sailboat in a dock when I was growing up and at least once a week he had to go check on it to make sure it wasn’t flooding and do some cleaning and once a month had to pay a diver to clean barnacles and other gunk off the bottom of the boat. Whether it’s space, cost or cleanliness related, here are a few reasons you might want to store your equipment:

  • Things to Know about RV, Boat and Automotive StorageHome Parking Limitations or Neighborhood Ordinances – For many, the space that goes alongside with owning more than just one or two cars is a big issue. Storing your RV, boat or other equipment can free up space in your driveway and parking fees or violations.
  • Seasonal Storage – If you’re an owner of a boat, dirt bike, RV or other outdoor equipment, you likely don’t use these items year round. Rather than storing your boat at a dock and having to regularly clean it or letting your other equipment fill up your driveway, keep them protected in storage. When the weather turns around and you’re ready to get back outside, your equipment will be clean and ready to use at your nearby U-Haul storage facility.
  • Extended Vacation or Travels – Are you going on a longer vacation or studying abroad for a semester? Move your equipment to a U-Haul storage facility to ensure that they will be safe while you’re away and unable to check on them.

Storage Options

There are three different ways you can potentially store your vehicle at a U-Haul storage facility. These range from outdoor to indoor. Each option has its own benefits. Find out which one best fits your needs:

  • Things to Know about RV, Boat and Automotive StorageOutdoor, Uncovered Parking – No matter how tall your RV or other equipment may be, parking in an uncovered spot ensures you will never have to worry about overhead clearance.
  • Outdoor, Covered Parking – Most U-Haul RV, boat and automotive storage facilities have an overhead clearance of about 14 ft. There are some locations that even go up to 25 ft! Covered parking spots also come with electrical outlets that can trickle charge the battery of your equipment or cool off your RV refrigerator to ensure that it is ready to go when you come to pick it up.
  • Indoor, Enclosed Parking – The most secure storage option is storing your equipment indoors. At some locations, this is a tall roll-up door facility that looks very similar to traditional self-storage units. Other locations have indoor parking structures. Much like covered parking, most locations have an overhead clearance around 14 ft and can range anywhere up to 25 ft. Indoor parking also includes electrical outlets to keep your equipment charged. Some locations will also offer heated, climate controlled options for their indoor parking to ensure your vehicles remain cozy, even in the coldest of weather conditions.

Tips for Maximizing your RV, Boat or Automotive Storage Experience

If you plan to keep your equipment in storage for an extended period of time, you are going to want to ensure it is extra safe. Outside weather conditions, pests, and even people can affect your equipment. Here are a few tips if you want to be extra safe:

  • Things to Know about RV, Boat and Automotive StorageClean Your Equipment – Before placing your equipment in storage, give it a good wash and waxing. If you place your RV, boat or vehicle in open storage it is subject to rain, sun, dirt and other outdoor elements.
  • Prevent Mold and Pests – If your equipment has vents, a fridge or a freezer, leave all of these that are applicable to your equipment open. Place a thin sheet or some sort of film to cover the opening to prevent insects or other pests from crawling inside. Placing dehumidifier bags inside your equipment can also help to prevent mold from moisture building up. Be sure to check that windows are properly sealed and rain or other weather conditions won’t let water inside.
  • Lock Up – Your equipment will already be protected in a gated facility with lights, alarms, and video surveillance. If you opt for indoor storage, it even has a second layer of protection around it there. For added security and peace of mind, you can add an extra lock to your equipment to ensure theft is nowhere near an option.
  • Cover Up – To make sure your equipment is not subject to sun damage or other outside weather conditions, you can cover up with a tarp of automotive cover.

Additional Self-Storage Benefits

When you store your equipment at a U-Haul storage facility, you reap more benefits than simply self-storage. Need a trailer to tow your motorcycle, ATV or vehicle? U-Haul stores have these available to rent. Need to install a hitch so that you can tow your boat or other equipment? Many locations offer hitch installations too! Check out some of the additional benefits to storing at a U-Haul storage location:

  • Things to Know about RV, Boat and Automotive StoragePropane Refills – Most U-Haul stores offer propane refills, which allow you to refill your RV or any other propane-fueled equipment.
  • Hitch InstallationsHitch installations are available at most U-Haul stores. This allows you to add a hitch to your personal vehicle to tow your boat, RV or other equipment. Some locations will also install a hitch to your RV.
  • RV Dump Stations – Onsite RV dump stations are available at most RV, boat and automotive storage facilities. With convenient hookups such as drain hoses, these make trips in and out of town easy.
  • 24-Hour Monitored Security – All storage is secured within a well lit, gated perimeter with 24 hour monitored video surveillance. You can access your equipment at any time with keypad access.
  • U-Haul Store – Whatever else you may need for moving or storage is all available within the U-Haul store. Here you can purchase items for your hitch to safely tow your RV, boat or other trailers as well as any other moving supplies. Additionally, you can reserve a trailer to transport your motorcycle or a truck for an upcoming move. Clean restroom facilities are also available within every U-Haul store as you make your trips in and out of town.

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