3 Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

May 24, 2021

These 3 Tips for a Smooth Summer Move were selected by moving experts. Families everywhere are getting prepared for what is gearing up to be a busy moving season. While most associate summer with fun in the sun it’s also the most active part of year for people moving. US Census Bureau data shows that June through September are the busiest months of the year when it comes to moves.

The reasons for this are plenty –  the warm weather surely plays a part. Moving in 84 degrees beats braving the freezing cold. Families with kids also take advantage of the summer break when changing schools. Here are 3 tips to make your summer move a smooth one.

1. Don’t Just Pack it, Protect It!

We’re in a digital age which means we rely on our electronics more than ever. With TV’s, laptops and monitors costing thousands its important they be properly packed to avoid heat, dust and lesser known dangers like electric shocks. Our moving experts recommend the following kit to protect the centerpiece of your living room – your tv.

Flat Panel Moving Box Kit

Flat screen TVs are some of the most valuable, fragile and uniquely shaped items in a household. That’s why figuring how to pack and how to move a TV can be a challenging task. Unlike other household items, you can’t fit a TV in a standard moving box and toss it in the moving truck without a second thought. Instead, it’s recommended you use the right packing supplies and techniques to pack a TV for moving correctly. The Flat Panel TV Box kit is just that. $20 bucks protects an investment worth thousands. Don’t skimp on protection only to regret it later.

2. Don’t Ask for Help, Hire It

As a DIY company we understand that not all moves are created equal. Going DIY for your move may be the smart (and frugal) decision but summer moves sometimes call for a little more. The heat can drain you in just a few hours of moving boxes, appliances and heavy items. Getting reliable help is easy when using Moving Help.

Moving Help lets you customize your move with packing, loading and cleaning up help (in some areas). Move with confidence knowing your local moving company has been vetted by people in the community with transparent reviews on each service provider.

3. Make A Summer Move, a Safemove

Family Moving with Moving Truck

A U-Haul moving truck is an essential part of any move. Transporting all your worldly possessions is a serious matter when on the open road where anything can happen. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country its important you protect what matters while traveling.

Movers may not know that credit card and auto insurance companies don’t usually cover damage to moving trucks. Without damage coverage on your equipment rental, you’re responsible for any damage that occurs during your move, accidental or not.

This is why U-Haul offers two options of damage coverage for your moving truck – Safemove® and Safemove Plus. Avoid the headache and potential thousands in expenses if something were to go awry.


  • Damage Waiver – Covers most accidental damage to the rental truck
  • Cargo Coverage – Covers damage to your goods
  • Medical & Life Coverage – Provides you and your passengers with coverage toward medical bills and also includes life coverage

Safemove Plus®

  • Damage Waiver – Covers ANY accidental damage to the rental truck with exclusion free coverage
  • Cargo Coverage – Covers damage to your goods
  •  Medical & Life Coverage – Provides you and your passengers with coverage toward medical bills and also includes life coverage
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance – adds $1,000,000 in liability coverage for damage to others and their property

U-Haul damage coverage adds convenience and peace of mind for your move. Accidents happen, with Safemove® and Safemove Plus®, rest easy knowing that you are protected from financial responsibility for damages and theft.

There you have it, three tips from the leader in moving to make your next move your best move. Follow us on social on all platforms at @uhaul for more tips from the pros. We’ll see you on the road!


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