The Moving Options VS the Best Way to Move

People move every single day. From across the apartment complex, city, state, or country people find different moving solutions to fit their unique moving situations. If you have an upcoming move, then take the time to ask yourself some questions about what you’ll need to determine the best way to move. Once you have an idea of your unique needs for the move, you’ll be able to select the best moving options unique to what you need.

Narrow Down Your Moving Options to Find the Best Way to Move

Who are you moving with?

This includes who is going to be there at point A and point B to help you out. Keep in mind that pets and children will need your help.

How far are you going?

Local moves have their own considerations. Figure out how long you’ll need different in-town supplies like a cargo van or Ready-To-Go Boxes. Then use that to plan around your moving dates.

Maybe you’re moving across the state or need to take a look at options for moving as far as overseas. U-Box containers can be shipped internationally while your car can’t swim across an ocean.

How much stuff do you have?

If you don’t have a lot, maybe a trailer will work best. Moving out of a house you might need more space like a truck. If half of your things need to go to storage and the other half to your new home, maybe U-Box containers can help you stay more organized.

Where are you moving to?

Moving into a house is going to be very different from moving into an apartment or dorm room. The available moving options will change based on where you live and where you’re going. For instance, did you know Collegeboxes, a division of U-Haul, helps students moving to college?

Or perhaps you know the area you’ll be in, but you don’t yet have an apartment or house ready for you. In cases like this, U-Box containers are a great option! These containers can be used as storage for as long as you need, then shipping to your new home once you have the address. This also means if you plan to live in a smaller home for a year, you can use the containers are storage until you have the space again.

moving options for college students

How much physical labor are you willing to put in to move?

This also means, how much physical labor are you able to do? I’m all for jumping into a pair of sneakers and loading the truck – but nothing was going to help me move my heavy furniture alone with these noodle arms. Hiring Moving Help through U-Haul allowed me to move what I couldn’t do alone.

This also extends to driving all your belongings. With kids and pets, a traditional moving truck isn’t always going to be an option for you. U-Box containers can be shipped for you and a trailer can be towed behind your own car – meaning you can relax in your own car on the move.

Can you do it alone or will you need help?

Maybe you’re strong and don’t have noodles arms like I do. Great! But do you want to move by yourself or would you rather have some help?

Will you need moving supplies?

This one is always almost a ‘yes.’ Luckily, U-Haul offers this handy online calculator to figure out how many supplies you’ll need based on how many rooms you’re packing for the move.

How much time can you dedicate to moving?

Not only does packing take time, but loading your truck, trailer, or U-Box containers will take time. During one of my moves, I wanted to spend more time saying goodbye to family. In another move, I had a lot more flex time to be involved with the packing and loading. It just depends on what you have going on in your life at the time of your move.

If moving far, have you planned for the trip?

Don’t forget to consider the other expenses. When planning a long-distance move include the cost of food, gas, and physical demand. The physical demands of sitting in a car or truck for a few days compared to sitting in an airplane for a few hours are completely different. There isn’t a “better” option – it just depends on what you’re able and willing to do.

The Moving Options & Your Best Way to Move

The best advice anyone can give you is to do your research. It starts with asking yourself these questions, then you select the moving options that work best for you. Every move is different – your next move will be different from your last move. While the moving options won’t always change, the situation you find yourself in could have changed. Use these questions as a guide you to figure out exactly what’s needed for your move – and that unique solution will be the best way to move.