Types of Cross-Country Moves

People move out of state searching for job opportunities and for a better, stable life. Moving out of state or across the country is a big task and requires preparation. Start by finding the best mode of transportation for you and your things.

Drive Your Own Vehicle Across the Country

Nothing beats a long road-trip out of state like being in the comfort of your own vehicle. With so much time already spent getting to know how it drives, it gives one a sense of safety and reliability that new vehicles may not offer. Ultimately, this is a great option for a minimalist move that requires only a couple boxes.

Haul With a Trailer

Now, if you are driving a Nissan Versa or other small compact car to move across the country, space might be beyond your limits for your belongings. Get hitched with a trailer to haul the larger and excess items. Luckily, U-Haul has a variety of trailers to choose from.

Utility Trailers for Cross-Country Moves

Utility trailers are a great option for hauling tall and odd-shaped items. Secure your load, using the heavy-duty tie-down rings, to keep everything safe on your journey and enjoy the perk of unlimited miles!

Fully enclosed with lockable doors, the cargo trailers offer protection for your items from the weather and road grime on your cross-country move.

Cargo Trailers for Moving Across the Country

U-Haul has a variety of sizes in their cargo trailer line-up that will hold a dorm-room size move up to a couple rooms of furniture. Fully enclosed with lockable doors, the cargo trailers offer protection for your items from the weather and road grime. Have peace at mind knowing your things are protected from theft at any rest stop along the way! 

No Drive Cross-Country Moves

The thought of sitting in a vehicle driving hours on the road can sound unappealing to some people. Perhaps you prefer a hands-off move. If that sounds like you, this next choice might be right up your alley.

Ship a U-Box Container Across the Country

Using U-Box containers for your move can give you the flexibility to travel as you would like to your new home, while your belongings are conveniently delivered on trucks that have gentle suspension for safe shipping. Moving overseas? No-problem! These portable containers can be shipped internationally, too!

An Explorer’s Move Across the Country

Time on the open road can be a lot of fun when you have the right tunes, snacks, and equipment. You can rely on U-Haul to provide a sense of safety with our specially designed trucks and [optional] roadside assistance should anything happen.

Explore the roads in a U-Haul Truck

With a variety of sizes to choose from, there is a truck to fit any size household. Reserve your truck with TruckShare 24/7 and pick up during or after hours . With over 20,000 locations, there is sure to be a U-Haul center or Neighborhood Dealer near you.

Haul Your Vehicle Across the Country

Use U-Haul's 5x9' Ramp Trailer to haul your motorcycle long distance.
Use U-Haul’s 5×9′ Ramp Trailer to haul your motorcycle when moving across the country.

Put those miles onto our trucks and save your vehicle the wear and tear of a long road trip. If you need your vehicle or motorcycle transported, U-Haul offers a Tow Dolly, Auto Transport, or the 5×9’ Ramp Trailer to haul your vehicle long-distance. The Ramp Trailer is equipped with an integrated motorcycle chock, specially designed to hold the front tire in place and has heavy-duty d-rings designed to best secure the bike. Bonus: it has a spring-assisted ramp for easy loading!

Now that you have determined your mode of transportation for your out-of-state or cross-country move, you will want to gather your moving supplies to get packing. Pair your equipment with our MovingHelp service providers to pack for you, load and unload your belongings, and clean up after the big move.

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