Creative Moving Solutions

Sep 21, 2021

Each year, creative minds find innovative ways to make their moving process easier. See how these TikTok users found creative moving solutions using U-Haul products and equipment.

Moving Solutions: Towing

Owning a truck can be financially demanding between increasing gas prices and maintenance. However, this TikTok user needed to haul their camper. Fortunately, their solution was found with a U-Haul truck.


Can’t afford a truck to tow your camper? Think again! For only $19.95/day you can… #fyp #campinghacks #camping #recreationalvehicle #uhaul #camper

♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop

Maybe you already own a truck for a business and/or hobby and it breaks down. Pick up a U-Haul truck like @jeffparsons44 and pair it with an Auto Transport to haul your vehicles.


When the pull truck broke down, but you got a race at 1. Get a fkn rental 💪🏼#uhaul #raceday #dirttrackracing #fyp

♬ The Dukes of Hazzard – TV Hits

Moving Solutions: Pets

When you move, your pets move, too. Because of this, it’s not always easy to get them to understand what’s happening and all the new changes can be stressful. Check out these TikTok’s ideas to make your pet’s transition more comfortable.

Get them involved in the downsizing process, like @goldenretrieverlife. For instance, have them help decide what to keep, donate, or trash!

Moving Solutions: Packing

Ready for more hacks? Makeup and tools can be easily transported when wrapped tightly with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap. Additionally, this helps prevent leaks and items falling out.


Favorite moving hack! Wrap drawers, shelves, makeup, etc in plastic wrap to keep them safe during a move #movinghacks #packinghacks #hack #makeuphack

♬ Wrap Me In Plastic (Marcus Layton Radio Edit) – CHROMANCE & Marcus Layton

Don’t lose the one-of-a-kind piece that grandma gave you during your move! Instead, keep your fragile pots and mugs in one piece by adding a layer of protection around them. Packing Paper works wonders; it can help fill in open spaces in your boxes to prevent items from shifting around.

Moving Solutions: Boxes- For Everything

Boxes are way more useful than you think. For example, this hack using cardboard boxes to get packed boxes down the stairs is genius! Because, it saves time, keeps you safe from any accidents on the stairs, and adds a little fun to your moving day.

Need More Moving Solutions?

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