Life Hacks Using Moving Supplies

Every moving supply has a specific purpose it was designed for, but many of them have a few lesser-known uses as well. From everyday life hacks to hacks that you can use to your advantage during your move, check out all of the things you can do with basic moving supplies:

Life Hacks Using Moving Supplies

Mover’s Wrap Life Hacks

Mover’s wrap is one of those moving supplies that you do not want to go without. This seran wrap style moving material allows you to easily bind, bundle and fasten your belongings for any moving or storage needs. Its primary benefit is that it easily sticks to itself with no adhesives or glue, but won’t stick to any of the items you wrap it with, keeping them completely damage free. Often it is used to keep furniture pads securely wrapped around large appliances. Here are some of the other lesser known tasks you can get done with movers wrap:

  • life hacks using moving supplies: movers wrapMoving an Organizer: Rather than having to take out utensil or other items out of an organizer, use mover’s wrap to keep everything in its place. You can then pack up your organizers just as they are.
  • Miniature Greenhouse: Cover small sprouts and plants with movers wrap to keep in the heat and humidity. This will help them to grow a little bit faster as you prepare your garden. You can do the same thing to speed up the ripening of fruits by placing them in a bowl covered in mover’s wrap.
  • Prevent Bottle Spills: Wrap bottle caps with movers wrap to prevent shampoos or anything else from spilling during your move.
  • Perfect Temperature Ice Cream: If you routinely have ice cream in the freezer like I do, you’ve had ice cream suffer from freezer burn at least once. To keep ice cream from getting too cold, wrap a layer of movers wrap between the lid and the ice cream. The next time you choose to eat it, it will come out perfectly creamy.
  • Keep Clothes on Hangers: Wrap clothing in movers wrap while on hangers. This will allow you to pack them up without taking them off of their hangers and quickly place them in your new closet after your move is completed.
  • Keep Drawers Packed: Wrap dressers, small makeup organizers, and even bookshelves with mover’s wrap so you can keep them fully packed as you move.

Moving Tape Life Hacks

What is a move without tape? You need it to seal your boxes. It can be used to keep furniture pads in place. You can even use it to label things. Tape is one of the most simple but most necessary moving supplies. But what can you use it for when you aren’t moving?

  • Remove Warts: Cover warts with duct tape to remove warts. Change the duct tape daily and exfoliate in the shower until warts are removed.
  • DIY Lint Roller: Use packing tape to remove pet fur or fluff from clothing by patting the sticky side of it over your clothing. This is perfect for those moments when you don’t have a lint roller handy.
  • Fix Laces: When your shoelaces or other strings start to wear out and become difficult to thread, wrap a small piece of tape around the ends.
  • Patch Tents or Tarps: Use a piece of duct tape or packing tape to patch up rips or tears. Don’t cancel your camping trip because your tent has a rip, simply tape it back together!

Rubber Band Life Hacks

On moving day, rubber bands work as a helpful, stretchy took to keep items bundled together or keep things in place. They are designed to stretch up to twice their un-stretched length. Smaller sizes can be used to bundle items such as make-up brushes together while larger items can even keep furniture pads in their place. On a day-to-day basis, here are a few life hacks you can do using rubber bands:

  • life hacks using moving supplies: rubber bandsKeep Clothes on Hangers: Wrap rubber bands around the ends of hangers to help keep clothes from slipping off.
  • Keep Doors Unlocked: Place a rubber band around each door handle to hold the door latch in. This allows the door close without locking so you can enter and exit more quickly and hands-free.
  • Jar Opener: Place a rubber band around the lid of a jar. This will provide more grip so opening the lids is easier.

Packing Peanuts Life Hacks

When packing fragile items in a box, you should always fill excess space with packing peanuts. Through any bumps during your move, packing peanuts will be there to prevent damage. This is a pretty well-known use of the product. Did you know, however, that they can be used for more than just protection?

  • Hold Nails in Place: Put a nail through a packing peanut so you can keep it stable without getting your fingers too close. Once the nail has been hammered into the wall slightly, tear the packing peanut off and continue hammering away.
  • Fill Vases: Fill gaps in vases to make a flower bouquet appear fuller and remain in place.
  • Refill Bean Bags: When bean bags start to deflate or have lost some of their fluff, pour in packing peanuts. This will bring them back to life!

Life Hacks Using Cardboard Boxes

Never has there been a move completed without the use of cardboard boxes. Simply stated, you put your items in them and they help you move or carry them. Additionally, they add a layer of protection for your belongings between their four, sturdy walls. Cardboard is such a multi-use tool, however. Here are just a few of the many lesser known uses of cardboard boxes:

  • life hacks using moving supplies: moving boxesDoor Stop: Create a doorstop by folding up some cardboard and shoving it under your door. This will keep your door propped open so that you can easily move things in and out of your house without touching the door.
  • Moving Filler: Fill in any gaps in your boxes by tearing up pieces of leftover moving boxes. These pieces will work as a filler to keep items from shifting and add an additional layer of protection.
  • Art Protector: Layer flat pieces of cardboard between art, mirrors or other fragile items. This will help you to maximize packing space and place multiple pieces of art together while keeping them protected from any damage.
  • Floor Protector: Cardboard is a great floor protector for cardboard floors or carpeting. During your move, you can cover a large area so people can walk or roll dollies over them without adding dirt or damage. For everyday use, cut out small pieces of cardboard and place under couches or chairs. Now you can easily slide them without scuffing floors.
  • Home Organization: U-Haul moving boxes can be used up to 3 times. After you have completed your move, reuse boxes to organize paperwork or other miscellaneous items.

Do you have any experience creating moving supply life hacks? Share with us in the comments!