Packing and Storing Seasonal Items

The holiday season is coming to a close and its time to begin packing and storing seasonal items. Taking proper care of seasonal items, whether they be decorations, clothing or equipment will provide you years of use. Read on for the best tips and supplies to keep your things looking and performing their best for years.

Winter Packing and Storing Seasonal Items

When most people think of the Holiday Season, they are referring to the period between Thanksgiving Day and New Years. This period encompasses a number of festive and religious holidays. What makes the Holiday Season special aside from the food and fellowship are the decorations – Christmas trees and lights, Menorah candles, pumpkins and more.

Use these tips and tools for storing your tree, lights and more.

Tree Storage

We totally understand your frustration with artificial Christmas trees. You force a large tree into a cardboard box that is too seemingly to small and break your back carrying the box in and out of storage. This annual struggle, along with that taped together cardboard box, shortens the lifespan of your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Bag

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this difficult or time consuming. The tree storage bag is perfect for artificial Christmas trees that are 9ft. tall or less. Storing your tree in this duffel cuts your take down time in half. Pair that with the space-savings, and suddenly the task you once hated becomes a whole lot easier.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Sure, time is money, but money is also money; Luckily, the multiple years added to your Christmas tree’s lifespan more than covers the cost of the bag. Work smarter not harder, all while remaining saving money in the long run.

Spring/Summer Seasonal Packing and Storage

Whether grilling in the backyard or taking the boat out on the lake, keeping your spring and summer gear dry, dirt and dust free ensures its working in order when you need it. That’s where a practical solution like the Durabilt® Tough 15 Gallon Storage Containers come in handy.

Durabilt Tough Containers

These totes are made with a stackable design for maximizing space utilization. Impact resistant corners add to the strength and durability. 15 gallon container capacity is ideal to store camping gear, sports equipment, hunting supplies, shoes, clothes, toys, seasonal supplies, tools and more. Organizing your gear has never been easier or safer.

With your items organized and secure, you can store them in a closet, garage or one of many U-Haul Self-Storage centers. Our Small Storage Units are a great for miscellaneous items around the house and extracurricular gear (fishing rods, skis, bikes, etc.).

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