Brilliant Renovation Ideas To Do Before the Holidays

Aug 22, 2022

Renovation ideas pop up in our heads as time passes in our homes to accommodate our growing needs. Whether that’s remodeling more space for more guests, or simply adding organizational space, end of Summer is a great time to begin these projects. Prepare for holiday fun in your home with these brilliant renovation ideas.

Renovation Ideas that Add More Space

One of the great things about having your own home is being able to host holiday parties for family and friends. These groups tend to grow as people gain new relationships, start their families, and meet new people. To serve your growing need for more space, consider these renovation ideas:

  • Knock down walls. This will open your home up without compromising the integrity of the structure. If there is separation between your kitchen, dining room, or living room consider removing the wall for added aesthetics, function, and convenience.
  • Build storage space under your staircase. If your staircase doesn’t already have a closet under it, you have the opportunity to build shelving, rolling drawers, desk space, reading nook, a pantry, cabinets, wet bar/wine storage, coat closet, pet room or even a kids room.
  • Install built-in shelving. These can be added to any room to help add more space in your home. If you have any items too big to store on shelves or seasonal items that you don’t want displayed all year round, self-storage could be the better option. Climate-controlled storage units keep your belongings in comfortable temperatures just like your home and are available in many different sizes at a U-Haul near you.  
  • Swap for sliding barn doors. Conventional doors swing open and require a certain amount of space to open. Switch them for barn doors that slide along the wall to give it a modern update and add that much more space in your home.

Remodeling Ideas that Feel New & Improved

Surprise your holiday guests with updates to your home. It doesn’t take much for some projects to enhance the look and feel of it. See what ideas could benefit your home:

  • Update your home’s entryway. This will be the first thing your guests see is the entryway. Dazzle them with a bold colored painted interior front door, illuminate the area with a spectacular chandelier, add hooks for keys and jackets, design a board and batten wall, remove doors from the closet/storage room and add a bench seat and shelving, and top it off with a mirror, entryway table, and decorations.
  • Remodel your powder room/guest bathroom. These rooms are typically small which is great for taking chances with bold and eccentric designs. Try out a fun printed wallpaper or tiles with bold colors, a unique counter, add multi-layer lighting, creative tiling, and updated fixtures.
  • Remodel your kitchen. The kitchen is where is the food is and that’s where your guests will gravitate to. Spruce it up with updated cabinets, swap out old fixtures and finishes, add an island, open shelving, multi-light chandeliers, and elevating your hardware with fun shapes and finishes.
  • Introduce a bar/beverage area. In social settings, a bar can be a frequented place. Add function and form by switching all wooden cabinets for display cases to showcase your glassware and bottles, add in a mini fridge for cold drinks, a sink and faucet, along with counter space to create cocktails.

Renovation Ideas for the Bigger Budget

A fireplace is a great renovation idea to increase the value in your home, add to the aesthetic, and add comfort.

Got a big budget to work with? Try these more extravagant ideas to get your home holiday ready for all of your holiday parties:

  • Create an additional room. Take advantage of an extra bedroom for overnight guests, a mudroom, porch, or a sunroom addition to gain square footage.
  • Create an additional bathroom. This is important especially if you only have one bathroom in the house. Don’t let your guests create lines, prepare with an additional bathroom or powder room.
  • Add a fireplace. Improve the look and the feel of your home by adding an electric, gas, or wood fireplace.
  • Add a second floor. Additional space doesn’t have to extend from the bottom, consider adding height to your home. The sky’s the limit!

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