The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Another State

Sep 26, 2022

Moving across state lines can almost be like moving to a new country when you consider all the cultural changes you might face. Houses look different, some laws of driving change, and how neighbors act towards others can feel foreign. This guide breaks out some areas that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with when moving to another state to make the process smoother.

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Your New Home Impacts How You Store Things

Did you know that houses in different areas are built differently to better withstand the local weather? When my family moved down to Florida, they lost their basement where they stored everything. Years later when we moved out west, we lost those grand walk-in closets that had become a staple of Florida homes. Few years later meant the next move back to the east coast left items stored in the garage exposed to the humidity and freezing temperatures. Moving to a new state means a new way of storing items; this brings us to our first tip.

1. Consider using a storage unit when you get to your new home, at least until you adjust to the “new normal” of the local houses. When renting a truck from U-Haul for a one-way move, you’ll get a free month of storage. I recommend taking it so you have a backup place to keep things.

Storage offered by U-Haul also comes in different sizes and options to best fit what you’ll be needing. Climate-controlled units protect against humidity or extreme temperature changes. Drive-up storage is available and great for people who need frequent access to their items or live in areas where the weather hardly changes year-round. If you haven’t used storage before, read up on these 5 tips for successful storage.

Furniture Protection on The Drive

If you ever tried moving anything large between homes or even between the store and your house, then you’ve experienced the struggle of trying to get it to fit in your car or finding ways to keep it safe while in transit. Worry not, for these next few tips will come in handy.

2. Mover’s Wrap and furniture pads are a lifesaver. This duel combo did wonders to save our bedroom and living room sets from getting scuffed up or bumped during our move. We traveled over two thousand miles and my bedroom set looks as pristine as the day we got it. The padding helps to cover the corners and prevents bumps. The Mover’s Wrap helps to keep all the drawers shut and holds the furniture pads in place so it’s easier to pack and move. We even used the Mover’s Wrap to keep the couch cushions together!

3. The truck you rent matters. My friend went with a local company during their last move and after a short drive of under twenty miles, she had cracked chair legs and a dent in the headboard for her bed. It was all new furniture too. But the truck used wasn’t a smooth ride, and the furniture had clearly been bouncing around and got damaged. When we did our cross-country move, we used a U-Haul truck; these trucks have a Gentle-Ride suspension which makes moving across the country safer for your furniture.

Even if driving isn’t an option for you, U-Haul offers U-Box containers that are transported on your behalf. These containers are delivered to your door, packed, and then stored for you until you’re ready for them to be delivered to your new home. Best of all, they use the same Gentle-Ride suspension to protect your belongings during transit.

4. Specialty boxes come in handy when packing items that don’t fit the standard-sized boxes. They come designed for specific items. Items like TV boxes, mirror or picture frame boxes, dish boxes, and more. It’s always best practice to use the right box for your things to ensure safe keeping during your move.

Extra Peace of Mind When Moving to Another State

No one plans for an accident. Instead, we can prepare for one. It will lessen the headache if anything does happen.

Pro Tip: Check with your car insurance to see if your truck rental is covered. Many insurance companies and plans won’t cover the cost of the truck, and it’s best not to learn that the hard way. However, U-Haul offers coverage protection plans that can be added to your rental for peace of mind.

5. Damage coverage. U-Haul provides this extra peace of mind for your family on the move with your rental contract. You’ll have several options to pick from including Safemove, Safetow, and Safetrip which provide you with options for your move style. These options also include Safestor to cover storage units and U-Box containers.

U-Haul can help you with any project from packing with specialty moving supplies to storage and more. Follow us for more moving tips on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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