Top 5 Office Moving Tips

Mar 1, 2023

Your business is finally getting the dream office everyone’s been working so hard to get. But before the celebration begins, it’s time to move, and you aren’t sure where to start. Here are our top five office moving tips.

Office meeting

1. Plan the Office Move

This may be an obvious step, but most people don’t take the time to plan their moves effectively. So, before you get ahead of yourself and start packing boxes, begin with the following tips:

  • Delegate responsibilities to team members and ensure everyone knows their specific tasks.
  • Take inventory of all items and furniture and decide what will be going to the new office and what will need to be given away.
  • Make a plan of where the items will go before moving day.

2. Moving Supplies

When packing, buying the right supplies to protect your items is important. Below are some moving supplies we recommend for every office move:

  • Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap is a professional-grade plastic stretch/moving wrap used to bind, bundle, and fasten items for moving and storage.
  • Utility Dolly allows you to save time and prevent damage to your belongings.

Ready-To-Go Boxes
Ready-To-Go boxes are plastic, water-resistant boxes that keep your belongings safe and secure. They come pre-assembled, with no tape or assembly required, so moving time gets cut in half! These boxes are rented, so you can store your items for as long as you like and return them to a U-Haul center when you are done, making them the perfect option for your office move.

3. Hire Moving Help

Let’s face it, your colleagues are not professional movers, and many important office supplies and furniture need to be moved. There’s no need to risk any items getting damaged when you let professionals take care of them! With Moving Help, you don’t have to lift a finger. They get the job done for you quickly and efficiently.

4. Rent a Moving Vehicle

Once you know how much you will need to move to the new office, rent the appropriate size truck. U-Haul offers a truck for every move, big or small. Find the perfect vehicle for your office moves here.

5. Corporate Account for your Business

At U-Haul, we offer special services to businesses to help relocate their office. When you sign up with a Corporate Account, we provide the following:

  • A Dedicated Account Team
    • A single point of contact is assigned to your company, and support is available 7 days a week.
  • Reporting Services
    • A feature that allows you to easily track relocation expenses. We will provide accurate transaction details on your transferee’s moving costs.
  • Tailored Experience
    • We tailor-fit our vast resources to meet all your relocation needs.
  • Flexible Online Tools
    • Make payments and reservations, manage costs, and more with our online account management tools. You can assign limited access to specific employees.

So, remember that you and your team worked hard for the new office! Enjoy the new space! You deserve it.

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