Purchasing a Used Moving Truck for Small Businesses

Jun 29, 2023

Can your small business benefit from purchasing a used moving truck? All types of businesses need the transportation, mobility, and reliability that these moving trucks were designed for. U-Haul professionals have maintained our trucks since day one, so you know you’ll get a quality truck. Here’s how your current or future small business can benefit from a used moving truck.


Whatever type of goods you sell, allowing deliveries can give you a great advantage over your competitors. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or food, offering delivery to customers can increase their likelihood of buying from you. If they don’t have to find their own vehicle to bring it home, that’s one less reason for them to leave your store without making a purchase. Smaller items don’t have to be neglected, though.

Purchasing a used moving truck for small business

Delivery Alternatives

Cargo vans and pickup trucks can be great for businesses like florists or bakers who must deliver items regularly.

Purchasing a used moving truck for small businesses

Food Trucks

Do you have dreams of opening the hottest new food truck in your neighborhood? A 14-foot box truck could be the perfect cost-effective platform for building your dream mobile kitchen. Allowing you to share your fresh culinary talents and ideas with the world!

Purchasing a used moving truck for small businesses


Do you own a landscaping service, pool cleaning service or any type of repair or handyman business? If you are making house calls, then you need to be able to get all of the equipment you need to your customers. Unlike flatbeds or other open-bed commercial trucks, when you are away from your equipment, you can lock it up in the back of a box truck and keep it safe and secure.

Bands and Teams

Bands and sports teams have a lot of equipment. Unless you have already hit it big, chances are that you need to be able to move that equipment on a tight budget. Purchasing a used moving truck can be easy on the wallet. It provides a vehicle with a reliable maintenance record and enough space to get you to your next show or game.

Truck Parts

We also offer Truck Parts for your vehicle. This is your connection to the world’s largest parts and reference material source for your used U-Haul truck, cargo van, pickup, and car trailers! You can easily navigate through our huge inventory of used parts with the assistance of our interactive parts catalog. Then follow the simple checkout procedure, and we will ship your parts to your doorstep.

Whatever the transportation needs of your small business, you might look into the benefits of purchasing one. The reasonable costs versus new vehicles can be great for entrepreneurs trying to get their businesses off the ground. A wide variety of sizes are available to fit your needs. Unlike commercial trucks, you don’t have to worry about learning to drive a manual transmission or getting things down from the much higher deck height to your customers’ front doors. Purchasing is easy! Buying a used moving truck can be a great decision for your small business.

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