What to do as a College Freshman

With senior year of high school complete and a diploma under your belt, a familiar chapter of your life has come to an end. You may be packing up one stage of life, but it is just the beginning to new experiences and opportunities at college. Transitioning from the former big man on campus to […]

Best Housewarming Gifts For Friends

So your friend is moving, which means there’s a new neighborhood and home for you and your friends to explore. But trying to find the best housewarming gifts for friends who are moving can be a tricky task. Whether they’re hosting a housewarming party or not, here are some present ideas! Stick To Practical Gifts […]

Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends that Help You Move

Some friends are quick to do favors while others take a little convincing. Whichever category your friends fall in, it’s important to show them your appreciation for being there in times of need. If your friends are helping you move, rewarding them with gifts wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Moving can already be expensive, […]