Moving into a House with a Pool

There’s nothing more refreshing than coming home from a long summer day at work and taking a nice refreshing dip in your very own pool! While that image is very relaxing, there are some things to consider before moving into a house with a pool. Pools require daily maintenance and can be costly if not taken […]

How to Find a House for Rent

When you first begin trying to find a home for rent, you may ask yourself, “where should I start?” You should begin by compiling a list of must-haves for your rental home. For example: number of bedrooms, size of yard, upgrades, etc.  If you have chosen to rent a house over an apartment, then you […]

Amazing Moving Photo: It Takes a Village to Move!

(My sister snapped this photo on one of her world travels.) Wow. You thought your last move was tough?  Let’s hope there is no traffic coming the other way in this village. I applaud their effort.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a team like this the next time you move? Well, you can. Today, […]