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Carol H. on


Renter, Dan Foster, was very helpful..attended to what I requested and even picked the truck up himself and had it at his facility to make sure I had it on the day I needed it. Also he was always accessible for questions and help as he gave me his cell phone nbr in case I needed him after hours..definitely would recommend him to future clients!!! Very pleasant man.

Cynthia S. on


The service was excellent and very professional.

Donna L. on


Customer did not leave a comment.



The owner of the facility was rude and not helpful at all. His business was closed when it was supposed to be open and he stated that he didn't want the equipment that I was returning. When I contacted him by phone (there was a phone number on the door) he didn't answer and called me back and was rude on the phone asking me why I called him twice and told me not to leave my equipment there, thus violating my contract with Uhaul to make my return at that location. I did leave my equipment there and called the very helpful customer service representative that made sure my equipment was accounted for correctly.