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Michael R.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Nicholas S.

Great customer service. The guy at the counter was very friendly and helpful. This was my first time moving and my first time needing a Uhaul. The rental process was quick and easy. Thank you for making this part of my move perfect.

Sama H.

Set date to pick up trailer was 10am. We get there at 10 and this pick up location had a sign that said change in hours opening time is at 12. The Uhaul customer service voice message that was left for me the day prior to the pick up date stated that I am all set to pick it up at 10am. How was she unaware? They held me back 2 hours of waiting.

robert R.

Not a thing .. everything was all good

bailey H.

I am completely outraged! I have used uhaul before because it is very convenient but this was a terrible experience I got double charged for the service and on top of that you say I damaged the vehicle when there was no damage at all whatsoever and charged me for it! Then, i had accident coverage in place to make sure god forbid I did get in an accident or cause damage I would be covered, but still got charged for the damage!!! I will never use uhaul again and I am going to tell all my friends and family to never use this business again and in addition I am going to contact anyone in power or with influence to express my discontent!!

William N.

The representative had no knowledge of the functioning of the trailer I rented, nor did he have any tools. If it weren't for me being prepared and knowledgeable regarding how to adjust chains and test brakes, it would have been unsafe for me to leave the property with the trailer.

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