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17 Worthington Ave Unit 3   Brampton, ON L7A2Y7

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(289) 323-0493

17 Worthington Ave Unit 3
Brampton, ON L7A2Y7

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Location Hours

  • Mon-Sun: 8:30 am - 10 pm

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Was not stated that the vehicle could not be returned after hours. We dropped it off at 3 am after our event. Our car was parked at the location and therefore we needed to get it. There was no dropbox. We locked the key in the vehicle and took a photo. The Hasty Market called around noon asking where the key was. We explain. The Hasty Market person was very hard to understand and was not professional over the phone. They raised their voice, changed their tone and threatened additional fees to open the vehicle. Why would any location NOT have a dropbox? Why would there by additional fees? Would this location not have a second set of keys? Over all, I would never rent from this location again.


Nice experience with 10 feet truck we rented from this location. We got a clean and well maintained vehicle. Staff was knowledgeable and explained about the rental. Would recommend !


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1.I didn't find a furniture dolly in the vehicle and informed the same person who handover the keys but in the bill, it is mentioned you charged for that. 2. I left extra fuel in the vehicle and didn't get any rebate for that in my bill. Thanks in advance if you can do needful.

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