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The local store owners were unhelpful. The lady I spoke to on the phone when I picked up the vehicle was very helpful.

LISA H. on


I came sat 2:50p, and my reservation was for 4p. I was there. The truck was there. But it was an endless wait to get customer service on the line. One gal hung up on me. Another guy was super funny, but wasn’t well educated on how r to move up a reservation time. Ultimately, we waited the 1:10, which is forever when you’re moving. Also, I originally reserved a 10’ truck, but was called and asked itf a cargo would work I’m agreeing, they forgot/dropped the order for a dolly, and I had to drive 10 mi out of the way to pick it up. The shipping and mailing- app only location was not “Your Moving Center” that i’m Used to with UHaul. They did not have boxes, nor straps. A dolly, tape. :/ I can see once you’ve worked through the app pickup, where it might be convenient for some, but in my lacks the flexibility that I need during a stressful time like moving.

Carolina F. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Jacinta G. on


I was charged multiple times and my vehicle had a broken side view mirror on the driver side.



I would carry my things on my back before I ever would use uhaul again. Worst experience of my life.