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Sheila S.

You guys were great!!!??

Tyler M.

Clerk failed to confirm that the truck was actually at location on time. I waited over 45 minutes at a rundown pawn shop in a bad neighborhood for the truck to finally arrive. Also, I had purchased moving blankets from the company and expected to have them. They were not in the truck which resulted in several pieces of my furniture being scratched. I am certain I will never use this location again and will consider other companies before u-haul every time. I will not be recommending this location to anyone and will urge strongly against it.


The only issue i carry is the one with the main people over the accounts ive never done anything wrong when it came to uhaul but yet im responsible for someone else's bill thats my sister but that aint my debt and i never agreed to help pay her account or none of that dont add people onto others accounts if they're not legally responsible because you can get sued for that

Taylor C.

The pick up site was extremely dirty and smelly. The shop owner was holding a vape pen the entire time he processed our pick up. He blew vape smoke all over my license and credit card. It was musty and not clean in the shop.

Edward C.

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