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Curt E. on


They were closed and I did a drop off.



Everything was so disorganized. The lady at the counter we are picking up from will be to just call another person for them to help me even though I was right on site. Instead of 24 hours they did an hour earlier. Which is fine but when I dropped off the truck they said they didn't need anything else. Then I get an email saying that they have not received the truck. Calling their customer service support oh, they contacted the specific site and found the keys. Very frustrating ordeal the whole process was a bit unprofessional and stressful.

aurelia C. on


The customer service was completely unprofessional. I was told that a employee was going to be absent for the day and that I needed to get my U-Haul so to order it and reserve it online. I reserved it online for 7 a.m. because I had to be out of my house by 5 p.m., just to get told that they couldn't pull up my reservation and that I would have to wait until 9 a.m. to get a different U-Haul but when I went to the Ogden storage unit the lovely lady was able to pull up my first and last name right then and there. My thought is you guys are not checking your emails correctly and it's completely outrageous how I was charged $100 for mileage that is barely eight minutes away from our local city. this is the second time my family and I have had horrible experience. My mother-in-law's boyfriend try to get a U-Haul and the same thing happened to him. this needs to change or your business will only go downhill from there. I think it's time you start checking your emails and training your employees to know what they are doing and not hire meth heads. I could have spent $60 on a moving truck for the day but instead I got screwed around with and I paid $100 for shity service when I thought that it was going to be great. I will never be coming back here and I will be telling everybody about my experience.

sarah M. on


Check out was awful. Reserved online but still had to wait 45minutes to check out at the uhaul center! Problem was a computer issue so we were told. Made a stressful move more difficult as we were forced to move from our flooded apartment.

Jonell G. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Thomas R. on


U-Haul corporate needs to provide more training for "off site" rental centers (ie storage facilities, gas stations, etc). Employee at these sites are friendly and courteous, but lack the in-depth knowledge required to facilitate an expeditious rental (example, one individual didn't know U-Haul sent a link to customer phones for them to record any damage to the vehicle). Recommend U-Haul provide additional assistance to provide these individuals with additional training.

clyde J. on


The place of business had two employees and neither sweemed to know what to do, Iwas given no instructions on where to reeturn the vechicle, and whyI was to do certain things such as make an estimate of how far I would drive and be charged additional if my estimate was low. So I over estimated. Truthfully I was extremely disappointed.



Discovered our car had been loaded on the carrier incorrectly causing us to stop frequently tighten straps. We nearly lost our car twice during our trip.

Jonathan M. on


Did not receive requested moving supplies, was charged and told to go pick up at different location. At different location I was told I had to pay again and make a new contract. Not sure if I will be refunded the first time I was charged. I’m also a little scared that I’m going to be charged for blankets, a dolly, and a cart I did not receive.

Tamra H. on


The receptionist said that she hadn't done a rental in months and she was a little rusty. I asked her about the mileage and she said she didn't know.

Shelley N. on


This was not the location we chose online. I received an email the day before indicating the change of location.

Cesar H. on


She was a young but verry profecional girl who did her best to give us a good an honest service.