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Marvella R.

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Gilbert and Robin went above and beyond customer service. They made certain we had the right truck, contacted their supervisor after there was a discrepancy with rate and milage, and after we drove 120+ miles to get the auto transport, helped us load our damaged car on to the trailer, ensuring all was secure and we would be safe. We were still rather stressed from the previous day's drama, having been hit by a semi-truck, and left with no transportation. They are lovely people, and helped us get back on the road, knowing all was safely set up. we also wish to thank the New Mexico support center staff, Debbie, Monroe, and one other, whom I unfortunately do not have the name. They helped us track down the last truck in Grants/Milan and create a game plan to get the auto transport we needed. The U-Haul team really went above and beyond. Even the gentleman in Gilbert, whom we rented the auto transport was helpful, made certain the transport was properly working and had us on our way in no time. This was a very stressful situation, and these people enabled us to complete our trip without further issues and piece of mind.

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