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Carlos C. on


I was not explained properly that I had to refuel the gas before I returned the vehicle. I have rented Uhauls before and that has never been an issue. I was 3 gallons off and I was charged $60+. I think that should be explained in more detail if it is in regard to a charge, especially one as steep as that one.

Carlos M. on


Cómo dije en el comentario anterior lo malo de esta locación es que no tienen un buzón para dejar la llaves del camion.



They didnt give me a dolly and charge me and they charge me for another and give me the one i didnt ask....

diego S. on


Van given to me was damaged and door wouldnt open and close properly. Van was missing the gas tank cap, so the gasoline consumption/evaporation was very high. We did 20 miles and needed to load 3 gallons of gas to bring it back to same level.

Daniel V. on


Someone else’s belongings were still in the truck. No drop box Odometer and gas were wrong in our contract.

Roanny A. on


Excellent attention in the customers service desk.

Ruda F. on


Customer did not leave a comment.