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I had three blow outs and three trailer exchanges with not only put my family's life in danger but also delayed my timeline of travel by two days. I'm a military member and will not recommend or use uhaul in the future as the equipment was faulty and endangered my family's life especially my kids in danger.


Your customer support in the North is the worst . Fairbanks Alaska's office is rude and incompetent. We had to do a 900 km round trip to pick up our truck because even after booking they rented our unit to somebody else . We had to pick it up in a empty muddy field nobody there to help . The truck shook horribly and one brake would not always release . Truck was dirty cab and the back. Very disappointing Part 2 we were quoted 349.00 for the car hauler and charged over 500.00 . Again the Fairbanks Manager (Chris) was a flat out ass .

roger Y.

The truck had been reserved for a noon pickup, we were assured it would be there when we arrived after a five hour drive. It was not! We were told it would be back later that day. Eventually it did return and immediately turned over to us for our return five hour trip home to start loading.

tharcisse B.

Easy to find and access, lots of room to manuver and park. It is a dirt parking area and might have been different if the weather was bad.

yvonne D.

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