Best One-Way Rental Truck Options

U-Haul has the best one-way truck rental rates among all of the leading competitors in the industry.

Why You Should Book a One-Way Rental Truck

There are a number of reasons why you could benefit from a one-way truck, but here are a few that you should take into consideration.

Saves wear-and-tear on your vehicle

Are you moving across the country? Why would you want to put all of those extra miles on your vehicle? U-Haul can help protect your car when you rent a one-way moving truck.

There are ways to also transport your car at the same time. You can transport your car on either a tow dolly or an auto transport. Just attach the vehicle to the rental trailer and you’ll be ready to move.

Gives you more space to move

Do not try and cram all of your belongings into your vehicle when you move. Things will move around, get misplaced, and potentially break. With added space from one of U-Haul’s moving trucks, you will be to fill up the added space carefully.

Not only will you be able to load all of your furniture, but there will be even more space to for your clothes and other items too. Not sure how much space you need? Check out our moving truck size chart for more details.

Best Fuel Savings

With a moving truck, you will be saving more money on fuel costs throughout the duration of your travels. Our trucks are built to help cut down your fuel consumption.

Just make sure the truck is back to three-quarters full when you drop it off at your final destination.

One-Way Truck Rental Locations

Ready to book a moving truck rental? Find the closest U-Haul location

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