The Ultimate U-Haul Truck Guide

For over 75 years, U-Haul has made moving easier. A large part has been our easy moving truck reservation process and fuel-saving fleet. Our trucks make loading and unloading effortless with a Low Deck and EZ-Load Ramp. We also focus on your safety, as patented mirrors and large comfortable cabs allow for better visibility and comfort while driving. 

To choose the right size moving truck rental, you’ll have to know our fleet better. With 23,000-plus locations, you can find a truck nearly anywhere. Here is everything you need to know about our Cargo Vans, Pickup, 10-foot, 15-foot, 20-foot, and 26-foot rental trucks.

U-Haul Cargo Vans

What Can it Hold: Apartment – 1 Bedroom / Studio

Miles Per Gallon: 18 MPG

Starting Cost: $19.95 plus mileage

What can you use a cargo van for? Outside of moving around the city, there are a variety of everyday uses for a cargo van rental like shopping, business rentals, and parties. A small apartment with a twin-sized mattress, spring box set, three-seater sofa, and two nightstands can fit into a cargo van and still have room for several boxes. U-Haul locations are everywhere and you can easily rent a cargo van for the small in-town jobs the day you need it.

U-Haul Pickup Truck

What Can it Hold: Home Improvement / Small Loads

Miles Per Gallon: 19 MPG

Starting Cost: $19.95 plus mileage

Our pickup truck is great for small, local jobs. Pairing this vehicle with one of our trailer rentals is perfect to handle any towing needs. With a 6,000 lb. towing capacity, you can use our pickup truck to tow a boat or your personal vehicle, or even a motorcycle. For home improvement jobs, you can transport any material such as lumber or concrete. It’s also a good choice for bringing home your landscaping or gardening supplies needs to make your dream backyard.

Do you get a new washer and dryer? Typically, that means delivery fees and waiting hours for your appliances to show up. If you rent a truck, you can bring home your newest household needs that day without having your valuable time wasted. It’s also a perfect choice to bring home the Christmas tree the kids asked for this year.

U-Haul 10-Foot Truck

What Can it Hold: Studio to 1 Bedroom Apartment

Miles Per Gallon: 12 MPG

Starting Cost: $19.95 plus mileage

The 10-foot truck is our smallest box truck rental available for long-distance one-way moves and local in-town moves. It gives you a smaller truck like our pickups and cargo vans, but a little more room and is often used for a one-bedroom apartment. It can easily fit a king-sized bed, frame, loveseat, two end tables, and a four-piece dining room table with spare room for boxes filled with household items. Not everyone’s small truck can tow a vehicle, but our 10-foot option does.

This sized truck is best for a person or couple moving into their first apartment or moving to a different complex in town. It’s also a popular choice for college students moving to school as they don’t need all their stuff and can fit small appliances like a mini fridge for instance. The 10-foot truck is a great choice for anyone needing a smaller truck for a move.

U-Haul 15-Foot Truck

What Can it Hold: 1 Bedroom Home to 2 Bedroom Apartment

Miles Per Gallon: 10 MPG

Starting Cost: $29.95 plus mileage 

The 15-foot truck is the smallest option that comes with a loading ramp and U-Haul’s Mom’s Attic feature. As all our trucks do, the 15-foot truck will fit a king-sized mattress. The ramp makes it a lot easier to load other items like a mattress, washer and dryer, fridge, tall or short dressers, and a three-seater sofa in this spacious truck. As for the Mom’s Attic, the truck’s additional space allows you to put boxes with fragile items like picture frames and vases up there for a gentle ride. The 15-foot truck works well for a longer move, these features give you more room and an easier way to move. The cab also allows three people to sit comfortably as well. This truck is great for those people upgrading their living space.

U-Haul 20-Foot Truck

What Can it Hold: 2 Bedroom Home to 3 Bedroom Apartment

Miles Per Gallon: 10 MPG

Starting Cost: $39.95 plus mileage

Is your family growing? Moving to a bigger home? A 20-foot truck sounds great for you. It can fit a large apartment or even a 2-3 bedroom house. If you are moving from an apartment and bought new, larger items for your first home, this is perfect for your upgrade. Two king-size mattresses, a crib, tall or short dressers, a sectional sofa, a coffee table, end tables, and a three-person dining table with chairs and you’ll still have plenty of room for boxes filled with other household items.

The 20-foot truck starts at $39.95, making it a great value and the only other cost is the mileage fee for in-town moves. We can also show you how to estimate your mileage fees here. The 20-foot truck can get you to a lot of places and can hold a lot of stuff as seen in this video:

U-Haul 26-Foot Truck

What Can it Hold: 3 Bedroom Home to 4 Bedroom Home

Miles Per Gallon: 10 MPG

Starting Cost: $39.95 plus mileage

The largest moving truck option offered by U-Haul is the 26-foot truck. This is often used for picking up the whole family and moving them across the country in one single trip. This truck holds up to 1,682 cubic feet of your belongings, moving anywhere from a 3-5 bedroom home. You can easily fit three king-sized mattresses with box sets, nightstands, dressers, a sectional sofa, a recliner, a coffee table, an office desk, and a washer and dryer.

The 26-foot truck is one of the many great options offered by U-Haul to move cross country. Like the rest of the U-Haul fleet, the 26-foot truck is equipped with a low deck and EZ-Load ramp, making it easier to load and unload your truck. With a Van-Like’ Cab, three people fit comfortably for long-distance moves.

Do you know which truck is best suited for your move? If you do, start your truck reservation today!

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