How to Estimate How Much Fuel is Needed Before Returning a Moving Truck

When renting a U-Haul moving truck, pick-up truck or cargo van you have two options for refueling. You can opt for EZ-Fuel service or elect to refuel the truck yourself before returning. When choosing the latter the truck will need to be returned with the same fuel level at which it was dispatched.

Before leaving the U-Haul location, take a close look at the rental contract. The rental contract will state how much fuel is in the vehicle at the time you pick it up. Verify that the amount of fuel in the vehicle matches the amount indicated in the rental contract.

How to Use the Fuel Estimator on the Rental Contract

The fuel estimator on the rental contract is a guide to help you add the appropriate amount of fuel in order to bring the trucks fuel gauge back to the original dispatch level.

Follow these simple steps to use the fuel estimator:

  1. Determine the current fuel gauge reading on the vehicle.
  2. Compare the current reading on the truck to the fuel estimator on the contract.
  3. Below the gauge on the contract, you will see the estimated number of gallons that will need to be added to the vehicle to bring the gauge back to the dispatch level.
  4. Fuel the vehicle and return to the U-Haul rental location.


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