How to load a U-Haul motorcycle trailer

Watch this short video on how to load your motorcycle onto a U-Haul motorcycle trailer.

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Follow these steps to properly load your motorcycle onto the trailer

  1. Actions prior to loading
  • Engage the parking brake on the towing vehicle.
  • Verify that the coupler is properly secured to the hitch ball.
  • Ensure safety chains are secure.
  1. Prepare the trailer
  • Place four ratchet straps inside the trailer, hooking one end of each strap to the heavy-duty D-rings.
  • Remove latch pins on each side of ramp gate.
  • Using handle, carefully lower ramp gate until it rests on the ground.
  1. Load the motorcycle
  • Guide the motorcycle forward onto the trailer.
  • Position the front wheel firmly within the wheel chock.
  1. Secure motorcycle with ratchet straps
  • Begin securing ratchet straps.
  • If needed, check motorcycle’s owner’s manual for recommended attachment points.
  • Tighten ratchet straps evenly, ensuring motorcycle stays vertical.
  • Secure rear ratchet straps to a solid point on the rear of the motorcycle’s frame.

The process of loading your motorcycle onto a U-Haul motorcycle trailer is now complete. We put safety first, so all motorcycle trailer customers are advised to load the trailer heavier in front, secure your cargo with the appropriate straps, drive slower than you normally would, and please, always wear your seatbelt.

For more information, visit or refer to the user’s guide, available at your U-Haul location.


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