How to Use a U-Haul Truck Ramp and Roll-Up Door


Before attempting to release the U-Haul truck loading ramp, you must first open the truck roll-up door. To do this, follow these three steps.

  1. Unlatch the door using the lever found at the bottom of the door.
  2. Raise the door slowly, using the pull strap for control. Step up onto the bumper if needed.
  3. Make sure the door is all the way open. You should only see the pull strap hanging down from the top of the opening.

To release the loading ramp on a U-Haul truck follow this three step process.

  1. Press the ramp latch down while pulling out the ramp using the handles.
  2. Pull the ramp out until it stops and rest the end on the ground.
  3. Move to the top of the ramp and pull the ramp up to engage the two small hooks into the holes in the door sill. This will make the ramp lay flush with the truck deck.

To stow the ramp, repeat these steps in reverse and make sure that when you slide the ramp back in, it is secured in place with the ramp latch. Otherwise, the moving truck roll-up door will not close properly.

Now you can proceed to shut the truck door and remember to use a lock on the door latch to secure your load.



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