6 Benefits of Hiring Professional Moving Help®

Moving Help® is a service provided by U-Haul to help your move go as smoothly as possible. Moving Help® matches you with a Service Provider to help you with every part of your move: loading or unloading your moving truck, packing or unpacking your boxes, piano moving, or cleaning after you move out.

The biggest benefit of Moving Help® is that you won't need to rely on your friends or family to help you move. We all know how that goes; showing up late, damaging your belongings, and then you owe a favor. With Moving Help®, just pay and be on your way! Here are six benefits to hiring a Moving Help Service Provider for your next move.

1. Move on your schedule

Unlike full-service movers, Moving Help Providers will work around your schedule - not the other way around. Moving Help® lets you hire experts who can be at your home to help you in just a few hours.

2. Don't lift a finger

Let someone else do all of the lifting for you. From heavy furniture to pillows, Moving Help Service Providers will take care of everything so you don't have to.

3. Move efficiently

Expert Moving Help® can save you hours on your move when compared to using your friends or family. You can also save time and money by cutting out extra trips due to a poorly packed moving truck.

4. Keep your belongings safe

Our local Service Providers are experienced in heavy furniture and piano moving, so you can feel confident that your valuable belongings are being cared for. If anything does go wrong, your payment code acts as your insurance.

5. Save on cleaning fees and security deposits

Our Service Providers take extra precautions to ensure your floors and walls aren't scratched or damaged during your move. Your providers can also double as post-move cleaners to help you save on any cleaning fees when you move out.

6. Let your movers pack for you

For the most effortless moving experience, let your Moving Help Service Providers do the packing for you. As long as you have boxes and moving supplies already, our providers can do the rest.

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