13 Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays bring many memorable moments to share with your loved ones. Decorating, hosting family gatherings and baking all your holiday favorites are just a few of the highlights. After the season passes, you may wonder what to do with all your holiday ornaments, your tree and other seasonal decorations. Protecting and properly storing your holiday decorations and glassware will ensure they are ready to go for the next holiday season. With U-Haul’s packing supplies, you can have a safe and successful holiday storage experience. Here are 13 holiday decoration storage solutions to get you started.

Holiday Decoration Storage Solutions

Tree Ornaments

Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, making them difficult to store in some cases. The Cell Kit includes adjustable cardboard dividers to help you protect each individual ornament, no matter how oddly shaped. The cells  also help with organization, should you want to store your ornaments in a more orderly fashion. The Cell Kit pairs pefectly with the heavy-duty Dish Barrel® Box (sold separately) to provide a durable, spacious box for your holiday decorations. For added protection, consider using reusable foam pouches or cushion foam. Whether you need to store ornaments, holiday glasses or dinner sets, the Cell Kit and Dish Barrel Box are the perfect solution.

A cut-away view showing how to store Christmas tree ornaments in a Cell Kit and Dish Barrel Box.

Ceramic Decorations

Use proper cushioning around fragile items, such as your holiday decorative village sets, candle holders and glass ball ornaments. Cushion Foam can be used to separate items and keep each glass object well protected with a soft foam pouch. Our Packing Paper is acid-free and ink-free, which is best for protecting ornaments from potentially damaging chemicals that could also affect the look of your ornaments.


Plastic Wrap can be used in many ways. For example, shrink-wrapping the different sections of your artificial Christmas tree will help make each section smaller and easier to pack in your box or bag. If you have any open containers such as miscellaneous kitchen supplies or holiday-specific silverware, this stretch wrap can be used to keep the items easier find in storage for when you need them next. 

Large Decorations and Christmas Tree Storage

The holiday season can result in a lot of awkward-shaped decorations that you have to try to pack up and store. Sometimes you have to get creative in how you store these items. Wardrobe Boxes are great for moving and storing clothes, but they can also be used for storing larger items that need a unique box, such as holiday lawn decorations and figurines. The Wardrobe Box and Sport Utility Box also make a good replacement Christmas tree storage box if you no longer have the original. Use a Wardrobe Box for a tree that's over six feet tall and a Sport Utility Box for a tree that's under six feet tall.

A Christmas tree being stored in a Wardrobe Box.

Christmas Light Storage

Storing lights in a spacious storage container will give you plenty of room to organize and separate the different strands, making for a much easier unpacking experience in the future. They are also designed for easy stacking. Put similar products in each storage container, like your living room decorations, bathroom decor and kitchen specific items for more organized storage.

Wine and Specialty Liquors

It's common to purchase specialty wines over the holidays. Or, you may finish your gatherings with friends and family with some leftover wine or liquor that you'd prefer to store until next season. Whatever the case, it's best to properly store your wine or liquor in a bottle storage container. The interior packaging of these wine shippers is made from honeycomb, which is a recyclable Kraft paper, and it provides safe and efficient storage for your bottles.

Framed Photos and Paintings

Christmas picture frames or decorative art is expensive and hard to replace, so it is important to store them correctly. Use the Mirror & Picture Box to secure the corners before placing it into its box and give your framed artwork or photos the best protection you can while they're in storage for the spring and summer.

Wreath and Christmas Tree Bags

Made with tear-resistant polypropylene, a Wreath & Garland Bag will help you protect and store your decorative wreaths and trees from dust and dirt. You can also coil your garlands inside the bag for added organization. A Christmas Tree Storage Bag will help save you the hassle of trying to fit the tree in the original Christmas tree box, as the bag easily zips up. Each Christmas tree bag comes with handles for easy hauling to and from your storage area.

Pro tip: For maximum protection, pair a Christmas Tree Storage Bag with a Wardrobe Box or Sport Utility Box so your tree stays in excellent condition for many hoildays to come. 

A Christmas tree standing upright next to a Sport Utility Box.

Everything Else

It may not come as a surprise, but moving boxes are a staple when it comes to storing holiday ornaments and decorations. U-Haul has moving boxes for sale in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find a box that's are appropriate for your holiday items. If holiday shopping has left you feeling drained, you can order moving boxes online and have your boxes delivered for a convenient packing post-holiday packing experience.

Other Useful Holiday Storage Items

  • Box Markers with Knife – Labeling your holiday storage boxes will save you time next holiday season; a box knife makes opening your boxes and removing packaging simple.
  • Box/Packaging Tape – Box tape is specially designed for moving and storage. It’s ideal for keeping holiday decorations secure in boxes; it’s also easy to tear open next holiday season.

Don’t fret about how you are going to store all of your holiday decorations. Get started today with our post-holiday storage solutions at U-Haul.

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