Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies and Green Moving Tips

In recent years, moving sustainably has become increasingly important to a lot of people across the country. There are many ways to have a more eco-friendly move, but using moving box alternatives and other eco-friendly moving supplies is an easy place to start. Here are some eco-friendly moving supplies and tips from U-Haul to help you transform your upcoming move into a green move.

Rent Reusable Moving Boxes

Reusable moving boxes like Ready-To-Go Box are one of the top eco-friendly moving box alternatives. In addition to being stackable and easy to maneuver in your home or moving truck, these plastic moving containers are more sustainable than traditional moving boxes. Customers rent and return their boxes after they’re finished which keeps countless cardboard boxes out of local landfills along the way. Pack and unpack these boxes multiple times over the course of a single move to save money and reduce single-use waste.

Use Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies

Moving typically requires a variety of supplies, from packing tape to moving boxes to packing materials. The good news is, eco-friendly alternatives are easy to find online or at your local U-Haul center. Combine the below biodegradable packaging and moving supplies with Ready-To-Go Box for the ultimate Earth-friendly move:

  • Enviro-Bubble® is a green alternative to similar products that don’t break down in landfills. Use Enviro-bubble to wrap fragile items such as dishes and delicate stemware.
  • U-Haul Furniture Pads are 100% sustainable, reusable, and made of recycled denim. Use these pads for larger items such as picture frames, mirrors and other furniture. 
  • Biodegradable Packing Peanuts fill the empty spaces in boxes to immobilize items. Made from corn and potato starch, they’re completely biodegradable. Learn more.
  • Cushion Sorb recycled packing paper is an alternative to traditional newsprint made from recycled packing paper. Use Cushion Sorb to wrap dishes without the risk of ink bleed.
  • ExpandOS high-performance packing material is made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified Paper and provides flexibility when packing items of different shapes and sizes.

Use Existing Household Items for Packing Materials

  • Wrap stemware in clean socks – Clean socks provide enough cushion to protect fragile wine glasses or other long glassware. This packing method is also a great space saver, and it reduces the need for packing materials that are often thrown away after the move.
  • Nest small items in larger items – Nesting items is a great way to save space and reduce the number of boxes you need for your move. Items like suitcases and duffle bags are great for moving clothing. Pillowcases can double as protective covers for fragile items.
  • Donate some items – Consider replacing items rather than moving them. Many household items are relatively inexpensive to replace but costly to move. Donating items rather than throwing them away is not only good for the environment but helps others in need.
  • Have a yard sale – A yard sale provides another option. Save money by downsizing and selling belongings that are not needed. Selling rather than moving will help recoup some of the expenses of a costly move, and it keeps old and outdated items from being thrown away.

What To Do With Empty Boxes After Moving

Maybe you already decided to order new moving boxes and have your moving boxes delivered to your home to save time, but you still want to reduce waste during your move. A great alternative to recycling your boxes or discarding them is the “Take a Box Leave a Box” program. All U-Haul company stores (and many dealers) offer this option so that customers can drop off their used boxes.

Does U-Haul Give Away Free Boxes?

With the “Take a Box Leave a Box” program, you can get used boxes for free. It’s an easy way to reduce some of the cost of moving while promoting the reuse of boxes, which is always preferable to recycling. Learn more about getting free or discounted moving boxes from U-Haul.

Find Used Moving Boxes for Sale in Your Area

There’s a good chance someone near you has just completed a move and is now looking to part with their leftover boxes. You can find large numbers of used moving boxes for sale by visiting U-Haul Customer Connect and searching the U-Haul Box Exchange®. This feature connects customers who are buying and selling various moving supplies and helps keep them out of the landfill.

Whether you use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, have a yard sale or make use of eco-friendly moving supplies, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint during the moving process. Are you planning an eco-friendly move soon? Try eco-friendly boxes by renting Ready-To-Go Box or shop for green moving supplies today.

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