4 Ways to Get Free Moving Boxes or Save on New Boxes

U-Haul boxes and other U-Haul products neatly stacked in a bedroom.

"Does U-Haul have free moving boxes?”

Well, yes and no. While you can’t walk into a store and get free new moving boxes, you can pick up used boxes for free in other ways. And if you need more boxes, we can help you get the best deal on those. 

1. Get Free Boxes – “Find Take a Box, Leave a Box” at Your Location U-Haul Store

With over 2,000 U-Haul stores, chances are you can find one near you. Every U-Haul store has a “Take a Box, Leave a Box” area. (Maybe indoors or outdoors, ask a team member!) Here you’ll find gently used boxes and other supplies previous moving and storage customers have left behind. Typically, our moving customers will rent a truck and when they return it, they have the option to leave their boxes in this area. This is part of our commitment to reuse our moving boxes as many times as possible!

2. Save Money on Boxes – Buy by the Bundle (Bulk Pricing)

The trick to saving on moving boxes is to simply buy more. This may sound counter-intuitive, but here’s why it works.

All standard size moving boxes for sale at U-Haul (small, medium, large and extra-large) have a lower bundle price. This means that if you buy in packs of 25, 20, 15 and 10 for each respective size you’ll end up paying less per box. And don’t worry! If you end up buying more than you need, bring them back in for a refund.

3. Get Free Boxes – Check out the U-Haul Exchange Page

In an effort to reduce waste, we created U-Haul Exchange. This is a resource for our customers to find one another and exchange products. This means that after a move a U-Haul customer may post about their leftover boxes. If you find someone if your area, send them a message and reuse those boxes!

4. Save Money on Boxes – Combine Cardboard with Plastic Moving Box Rentals

If you’re move is local and you want to cut back on the number of cardboard boxes you use, consider using plastic moving totes in conjunction with the cardboard moving boxes. At U-Haul, we offer certain U.S. and Canadian markets the ability to rent Ready-to-Go Boxes for their move. One of the best parts about this service is that you can use these boxes during your move. So, if it’s a short drive away, you can take advantage of a weekly rental to go back and forth to your new place and unpack goods out of the boxes over and over again. It’s just another option we like to make available!

If you’re still unsure about choosing from the boxes for sale,or you're hesitant about the number you’ll need, keep in mind that you can always return your unused boxes for a full refund at one of our owned U-Haul stores.

Remember, the next time you wrap up a move or unload a storage unit remember you can also help other movers score free boxes. Join the reduce and reuse movement at U-Haul by dropping off your boxes at a “Take a Box, Leave a Box” or post on U-Haul Exchange.

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