Glass & Dish Pack Kits: The Best Way to Pack Dishes for Moving

Glass & Dish Packing Kits

If the thought of packing the dishes and glasses in your kitchen is a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. The kitchen is a notoriously difficult room to pack due to the number of small, fragile items it has. It takes time, effort, and a variety of packing supplies to individually wrap and protect each item correctly. If you don’t take the time and do it right, you could be looking at a dishware disaster when you unpack at your new home.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to make sure your items are protected. All-in-one packing kits have everything you need to safely pack your dishes and glasses in one convenient package. They also save you time by making the packing process simpler and taking the guess work out of deciding which supplies you need.

Ready to pack like a pro? This guide will show you everything you need to know about packing dishes and glasses for moving with or without an all-in-one packing kit so you can get all the help you need, wherever you need it.

Glass Pack Kit

How Glass & Dish Packing Kits Make Packing Easier

It’s no secret that fragile glassware and dishware need extra protection during moving and storage. Using household items like newspapers, towels, or socks might seem like a thrifty alternative, but the truth is you’re better off using specialty dish packing materials designed to supply superior protection. All-in-one packing kits – like the Dish Saver Kit and Glass Pack Kit – make it easier than ever to wrap, pack, and move your dishes and glasses.

Glass Pack Kit – For packing, moving, and storing various glassware, including dinner glasses, stemware, wine glasses, porcelain figurines, holiday decorations and more.

Dish Saver Kit – For packing, moving, and storing a variety of household dishware, including dinner plates, dessert plates, fine china, crystal, bowls, holiday decorations and more.

Both all-in-one packing kits come with reusable foam pouches that provide cushion, cardboard cell dividers that separate and isolate, and a corrugated dish/glass moving box with handles to make it easy to lift and carry your items. Use a packing kit for moving or convenient dish and glass storage.

How to Pack Dishes & Glasses With a All-In-One Packing Kits

1. Assemble the cardboard divider by slotting the cardboard pieces together.

2. Place the divider in the Dishsaver Glass Pack Box.

3. Insert dishware and glassware in the foam pouches. Use one pouch per item.

4. Gently pack items in open compartments. Pack plates and bowls in rows, not stacks.

Dish Saver Kit

How to Pack Dishes & Glasses With Standard Supplies

All-in-one kits are without question the best choice for packing dishware and glassware, but they’re not the only method. Standard packing supplies still get the job done while providing excellent protection. Here’s how to pack dishes and glasses using standard packing supplies.

1. Gather Recommended Dish Packing Supplies & Materials

All the recommended supplies below can be ordered online and shipped to your doorstep or picked up from a U-Haul center near you. Same Day Delivery is available in most United States metro areas for added convenience.

Recommended Packing Supplies:

2. How to Pack Glasses, Stemware, Crystal

Line the bottom of a Small Moving Box with several inches of crumpled packing paper. Stuff wads of packing paper in the interior of each item and wrap mug handles and stems with a piece of packing paper for added cushion. Individually wrap each item and secure the paper using a small strip of tape. For extra protection, place items in foam packing pouches after wrapping in packing paper.

After your items are wrapped, start setting them in the box upright and in rows. Fill empty spaces with crumpled pieces of packing paper or packing peanuts where necessary to prevent shifting. Avoid stacking items unless they are identical in size and shape. To pack a second layer of items, create another layer of cushion using packing paper or packing peanuts so your layers don’t collide.

3. How to Pack Plates, Dishes, Bowls

The quickest way to wrap stackable dishware using packing paper is to wrap in bundles. Set an item on a stack of packing paper, fold one corner over onto the center of the item. Place a second item on top and fold the next corner over in the same fashion. Repeat this step until you have a stack of four or five items. When you have your stack, wrap the entire bundle in packing paper and secure with tape.

Be sure to pack plates and bowls in rows, not stacks, to prevent damage during the move. Continue gently placing your dishware in the box in rows, filling void space with packing paper, packing peanuts, or bubble cushion as you go to prevent shifting. If you have space to pack a second layer of items, create another layer of cushion on top of the first layer to prevent your items from colliding.

4. How to Pack Wine Glasses and More

Packing wine glasses is a lot like packing normal glassware. Be sure to add a wad of packing paper or bubble cushion to the interior and wrap the stem. For added protection, consider using bubble cushion to wrap your wine glasses rather than packing paper and place them in foam pouches as well. You can pack wine glasses in a standard moving box, but it’s recommended you use a box with a cell divider, like the Glass Pack Kit or Cell Kit, so each item stays isolated and upright during your move.

General Dishware & Glassware Packing Tips

  • Use the box-in-box method – For fragile items, pack a small box as described above, then pack that box in a larger box lined with several inches of packing peanuts or bubble cushion.
  • Don’t overfill your boxes – Resist the urge to over pack your boxes. Be sure they’re light enough to comfortably lift and carry, as overloaded boxes are more likely to be dropped or tear through at the bottom.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom – Pack heaviest items at the bottom of the box and the lightest items at the top. Top-heavy boxes are more likely to topple or crush the items at the bottom.
  • Tape boxes using the ‘h’ method – When sealing your boxes, be sure to tape the top flaps so the tape resembles an ‘h’. This will ensure your boxes stay closed during transport.

Need more kitchen/dish packing tips? Check out this guide for packing a kitchen for moving and see how to use the Cell Kit for packing kitchen items.

U-Haul has everything you need to pack your dishes and glasses safely and efficiently, from standard packing supplies to specialty kits. Order a Dish Saver Kit and Glass Pack Kit today and receive Same Delivery or pick up from a U-Haul center near you.


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